Why Does POF Limits Messages (Reasons & Effective Solutions)

If you ever want to get logged into online dating sites such as plenty of fish, then you must read this article as we are going to discuss the topic of why does pof limits messages and what is the reason behind it.

Even a single text can make another person interested in you, and they want to hang out with you more, or they might lose interest in you.

There are some rules and regulation which follow you and restricts you from texting something bad because it can make their website bad, and they might lose their users because of it; so,

if you ever get caught using slang or vulgar text, plenty of fish will restrict you from texting.

There are many issues that follow all kinds of online websites, which the dating website also comes with.

In this section, you will find some issues which are becoming hectic for users.

The server is busy or not working, the two most common causes of Plenty of Fish not working are the following:

  • Is The POF.com server is down, or issues with the official website
  • Common POF login user account issues

If POF is not functioning due to server-side issues or problems with its official website, such as server loading problems, POF down, etc.,

all you have to do is simply wait until the POF team resolves these issues.

If you have waited long enough and the issues persist, you can try to contact the POF customer support to claim your problem or to check if the POF has removed your account.

You can also send an email to their mail to get these details. However, a sizable number of consumers complain that the Pof customer center is inconsistent and unresponsive.

However, the POF team is now resolving this problem.

We all know that nowadays, nothing is for free so online dating sites also require a subscription if you want to text unlimited and do not want to get a limit on your messages.

There is a policy of plenty of fish that allows only four texts to be sent in a day;

if the text is sent the same to more than four persons after that, they will freeze or limit your access for the day.

You might want to know the process of getting logged into plenty of fish; below, you will find steps that can help you out.

  • Visit pof.com.
  • You can see a register button on the right side of the page; click on it.
  • After that, you will be asked for your personal details, such as your username, and you will be asked to choose a strong password, and also you will be needed to submit an active email id.
  • After confirming and checking all the details, click on submit.

By following these simple steps, you will get logged into plenty of fish and become a registered member of the plenty of fish website.

No, we have seen how to get logged in; let’s get back on the topic of why does pof limits messages; you will find some reasons which can cause this.

Part 1: Sending Insulting or Intimate Text:

If you are a user of pof, you must have checked the agree box of terms and conditions while registering yourself to the plenty of fish website.

There are some rules written on their terms and conditions page, such as not texting vulgar, intimate, or something insulting to the other user;

if you got flagged for such a case, then the plenty of fish will hold your account to check on the claim, and if they found out that the claim was real, they will limit you from texting.

Part2: Sending Irrelevant Links:

If you are a user of pof, you must have checked the agree box of terms and conditions while registering yourself to the plenty of fish website.

Some rules are written on their terms and conditions page, including not sending irrelevant links to the other user.

If you are used to sending such links and the pof detects it, they might take action on this breach of their terms and condition and will limit you from messaging.

Part3: Inbox is Full:

It is generally known to everyone that if the holding limit of your inbox is reached, then you will not receive any new messages or will not be able to send any messages to other users.

You will have to clean up the space if you want to get new messages.

Part 4: Paying to Use its Service:

If you are paying customers, you could have considerably better messaging capabilities with more features and security.

The inbox size of paying users is also unrestricted, and they are also given the feature to see if the recipient of a message they sent has read it or not.

When it comes to their privacy and policy, POF takes it extremely seriously.

People who do not follow those rules may face the consequences, including a limit on their messaging abilities, or they may face a permanent ban.

The pof will never flag your account as a threat as long as you are not violating the POF policies and are getting followed by you, and the rules are not broken,

so you won’t have to worry about any unwanted attention or being banned from their server.


Online dating and meeting new people can both be done on POF.

It is all because of its user-friendly user interface; POF offers a flawless browsing experience and connects you with like-minded individuals.

However, if the POF is not working because of any reason, the circumstances can make this experience difficult.

In this online era, if you are using an online, you are either paying with your personal information or with money, and there is no bad in it because if you are using a feature, you are surely liable to pay for it.

Plenty of fish also comes under this because they are also providing you features that you can use to talk to another person without even meeting them.


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