Why Does POF Delete My Text (Resolved)

If you’re seeking advice on the issue of why does pof delete my text, then we’ve put up a useful guide that will show you how to block someone on POF, have a chat disappear on POF, have someone’s photo disappear on POF, and have a message disappear on POF.

Additionally, it’s possible that the person who received your message might have blocked you or deleted it.

If you’re unsure what happened, you might try contacting POF support to find out the reason behind the issue you are facing, and you will get the information

The plenty of fish has its main market in Canada, but it also has roots in the United Kingdom, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, the United States, Brazil, and Spain. You can also talk to them in almost nine languages.

They also run many ads and also have an option of premium subscription methods which enables them to earn money and make a profit.

Plenty of fish can also be used without paying a penny for a subscription, but they are offering some extra premium features to those who are paying to use their platform;

some features are meet me, and they are also able to see if someone has seen their text or deleted it.

As we all know that there could be some bugs and glitches because the codes written might face some issues in understanding it;

there are numerous possible reasons why these occurrences happen on the POF platform.

For instance, the other person could have deleted their plenty of fish account. Your message might have been accidentally deleted as well.

There are plenty of reasons which can be used against you by the pof platform to delete your message; in this article, we will discuss it and try to understand the reason behind the happening of such issues.

What is The Reason For Deleting Text by POF?

In this section, we will look at some points which can be the reason for the issue you are facing while using the plenty of fish platform.

All you have to do is to read this article, and you will get the information on why does the pof delete my message.

Someone might have blocked you:

Yes, it is possible that if you have got blocked by someone, then you will not be able to see the message sent or received from the users.

However, the other user will be able to see the message that has been sent to him and will also be able to send text unless and until you don’t block them.

Now that you know that if you delete a conversation on POF, the other user can still see it.

Let us tell you what happens when you block someone on the POF platform.

If you choose to block someone with whom you have already started a conversation via text, all traces and proofs of your correspondence will be completely erased.

You can also unblock them anytime by logging into your Plenty of Fish Web account by heading to your Blocked Users list.

You know what will happen when you are blocked, or you block someone; now let’s have a look at how to verify whether you are either blocked or not; follow the given instruction below:

Check whether their profile picture is disappeared or not. If this is the case, then there might be some reason also behind it; let’s have a look at it:

  • It might be possible that the user is no longer using the POF.
  • They might have blocked you.
  • The plenty of fish servers might have blocked them.


Some of the basic reasons behind the disappearing of messages:

To understand better so that there could not be any kind of misunderstanding, you have to read this section carefully, and there can also be no such serious issue when the inbox is lacking any messages; the possible reasons are:

The plenty of fish platform wants to maintain a clean and tidy inbox so that its user interface becomes more attractive and unique. They always refresh the inbox after 30days.

Plenty of fish also deletes text if the users are copying the same text and delivering the text to almost every user or if you are violating any kind of user’s guidelines; they can also erase the inboxes data.

The user could no longer be using the plenty of fish platform.

You might have blocked the user and forgotten about it, or the user could have blocked you.

They might have got banned from the server for violating users’ terms and conditions guidelines.

They might have recognized you as a bot ad have blocked your account or disabled your message; they often do this to make sure that there are no bots inside their server.

Other measures are taken by plenty of fish to avoid bad user experience for the betterment of their platform and keep it clean and safe for the users who are logging in to make some new friends online.

Unfortunately, due to some complications, this results in blocking legitimate text also.

How to Find Out if Your Account Has Been Deleted?

If you are not active on the plenty of fish account for several days, they might have considered it a dead account and will delete it.

To know that your account is banned or deleted, you have to search for your username after that and try to send the message; if the text is not sent, then the account is either banned or blocked.


Online dating and meeting new people can both be done on POF.

It is all because of its user-friendly user interface; POF offers a flawless browsing experience in addition to connecting you with like-minded individuals.

However, if the POF is not displaying a message could be because of any reason, and the circumstances can make this experience difficult.

In this online era, if you are using an online, you are either paying with your personal information or with money, and there is no bad in it because if you are using a feature, then you are surely liable to pay for it.

Plenty of fish also comes under this because they provide features you can use to talk to another person without even meeting them.


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