Why Does Instagram Suspend the Account (Reasons & Solutions)

Instagram accounts that have been temporarily suspended cannot share content on the platform. Remember that during this time, you run the danger of your followers becoming disinterested in your account and possibly they end up unfollowing you. Hence, it’s better to prevent it from happening by controlling your action, even if it’s only going to be a temporary suspension. So, why does Instagram suspend the account.

From a business perspective, it is annoying because Instagram has complete control over who sees what information, how many activities you may perform per day, and what actions are permitted by their Community Guidelines.

Understanding the distinction between a temporary suspension and a permanent account disablement can help you respond appropriately and prevent either situation from happening to you.

What is The Possible Reason Behind The Suspension?

Instagram accounts are typically disabled because their owner has not complied with the Community Guidelines. To keep all users safe, Instagram has a comprehensive set of Community Guidelines which you are required to follow and respect.

However, there could be other reasons behind the suspension of your account; read it the below section to understand it better.

1. Suspicious activities are done on the account:

If a user engages in suspicious behavior, Instagram may disable or suspend their account.

For instance, you will see an error warning if you attempt to follow or unfollow too several people at once.

Going overboard with app comments, likes, and messages is another example of these restrictions.

Using third-party programs to automate some of your operations may be the cause of this problem.

Remember that this can make it difficult for you to access your Instagram account and might annoy your followers.

2.You are using it on multiple devices:

Since sharing content on Instagram using a mobile device is the simplest method, it is likely that you will do so.

However, suppose you attempt to log in to the app using several devices, such as a business phone accompanied by a personal phone, etc., or multiple distinct IP Addresses.

In that case, Instagram may suspect that you are the victim of a hack and may block your account without prior notice.

3. Several complaints against your account:

Instagram users have the option to report posts for being “Spam” as well as a variety of other, more particular reasons.

Instagram is trying hard to eliminate malicious content and sensitive or inaccurate postings from its platform.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that there is a sizable potential audience on social media, and while not every content will be to everyone’s liking, you should still be considerate and suitable with the material you publish.

Because it takes multiple complaints for an Instagram account to be removed, followers will frequently block commercial accounts.

If, for any reason mentioned above, your account gets suspended, then you must be wondering for how long it will be suspended;

the possible time period could be between two to four days. Now, we will see how to retrieve the suspended Instagram account.

How to Get the Suspended Account Back?

A user who has been suspended by Instagram will initially see a notice explaining the rationale behind the ban, along with a link to overturn the decision.

The on-screen instructions for informing Instagram of a mistake are one approach to regaining access to or usage of the account.

Try this link for assistance if you’re having trouble accessing your Instagram account.

However, it could be wiser to wait it out and refrain from committing the offence again in the future to save the day or two of downtime.

· Linking your Instagram to other social media handles:

As mentioned above, engaging in “spammy” behavior is one of the warning signs for Instagram suspension.

In light of this, you should link your other accounts on social media, such as your LinkedIn profile and Facebook page.

Linking your other profiles will give your account more credibility.

Additionally, by linking Facebook, for instance, you will be able to publish your Instagram posts to the Page directly.

For the sake of your followers, it is ideal for maintaining consistency with your username throughout all social media platforms.

They might want to follow your Facebook page and Instagram account, for instance, but if the usernames are drastically different, they might think you are a different company.

· Try to play safe when you are surfing on the Instagram:

Making a new account is the last thing any user wants to do; therefore, while publishing anything on the social media network, it is best to be safe than sorry.

Review the Community Guidelines first since accounts that persistently break Instagram’s rules risk being permanently banned.

The community guidelines are as follows:

  • Post only those images or videos that you have been given permission to share on the platform. It’s recommended to limit your sharing to the original artwork that you have captured or produced.
    • The images must to be suitable for a wide range of viewers and created to promote deep and sincere connections.
    • Observe the law.
    • Do not display pornographic content featuring children. There is zero tolerance on Instagram.
    • When discussing current affairs or news-related events, use consideration.

What to Do When Your Account Gets Disabled by Instagram?

The very first chance a user would notice that their account had been disabled by the Instagram was only when they attempted to log in again.

But, now Instagram will alert accounts that are about to be banned, which lowers the possibility of an account being accidentally terminated and gives companies time to alter their behavior and a chance to make changes in their behavior.

If you are attempting to log in into your account and don’t get a notification which is indicating that the account has been disabled, you probably have another problem, like an incorrect username or password.

Instagram may permanently delete an account if they find out that it was disabled many times before due to repeated violations, and an appeal will not be successful in this case.

However, if you believe that the decision to disable your account was made in error or is wrong, you may appeal it by following the four steps listed below:

  • You will get a notification which will inform you about the suspension on; that click on the “Learn More” option when you see that the Instagram account you have been using got disabled.
  • After that, you can inform Instagram that your account got disabled mistakenly,and they need to change their decision.
  • They will then give you the option to switch it to a business Instagram account; choose the option “Yes.”
  • Complete the form with your name, Instagram username, email address, and any other requested verification materials demonstrating your affiliation with the company.


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