Why Does Instagram Show Story Unavailable (Reasons & Solutions)

Instagram stories, a feature borrowed from Snapchat and Facebook and added to Instagram and the Facebook app, were recently added to the Instagram app.

This function is well-known among all Instagram users and is the second-best feature after Instagram posts.

As was already noted, Snapchat was the inspiration for the story features, and if you’re a regular user, you know that Snapchat’s tales are only valid for 24 hours.

Therefore, Instagram stories are only available 24 hours before they are erased.

Although users can control how long a story remains online and delete it immediately after posting it, neither option guarantees that anyone has seen the article.

Before the story time is over, they can also decide to erase it.

Unfortunately, an error notice that prevents you from reading stories loaded on your feed has existed since the story’s functionality was first launched.

Normally, you won’t be able to click a story that has been deleted because it won’t be included in the stories area.

However, because of this oversight, the story is still present but is marked as unavailable.

What does this error actually mean?

And if the user erased their tale, why hasn’t it simply vanished from the stories section? These are likely your thoughts as you sit there.

What Does It Mean That This Story Isn’t Available:

This story is not now accessible or is no longer available.

This message appears when the story you’re viewing has been removed before you choose to click on it.

This can happen when users delete the story after it has been displayed on your stories, and you are informed that it is unavailable when you open the story.

Or perhaps you’ll see the story once the 24-hour period is up.

What is The Reason Behind This?

There are just a few reasons why you might see the “this story is an unavailable error.” They might have removed it, Instagram may be offline, they may have blocked you, or Instagram may simply be acting up.

1.The story might get deleted by the user:

The 24-hour timer has expired, or the story has been deleted if you see the message “This Story is Unavailable” or “This Story is No Longer Available.” For you to see the error message, the story’s owner must delete it while you are using the app.

2. It might be a bug:

An unexpected error like This story is unavailable can appear due to a malfunction or a minor breakdown in Instagram’s software.

Another cause of this is a glitch that makes the error appear on users’ tales even when there is nothing wrong with them.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to “Apps” on the Settings menu, then hit it.
  • Choose the “Instagram” app from the poped list of apps on your device when you’re on the Apps menu.
  • You must choose the “Storage” option on the screen after clicking on the programme.
  • The options to clear data and cache are located at the top of the storage screen.
  • Pick one by one from each of the choices.

3. You got blocked by them:

If the person’s story was loaded up in the stories section and they decide to block you within the time frame of the story loading up and you opening it, it might give this error message.

After they block you, you’re now banned from being able to see anything that they post.

4.You were no longer added as a follower:

Instagram will serve an unavailable error if a user has removed you as a follower between the time that their story loaded up in the stories section and you’ve clicked to view it.

5.Instagram might be down:

Several stories may display errors if the servers are down, even when there is nothing wrong with the story itself.

This indicates that owing to proximity, and individuals may have the same issue as you.

Down detector is a service that alerts you when Instagram is down, and other users are having issues with it.

It will let you know if there has been a spike in Instagram outage reports.

6.The story was removed by Instagram for violating the community guidelines:

Even though the sender didn’t delete it directly, Instagram may have taken down the story for violations if you can still view the message.

Instagram may have removed this story because it did not adhere to its policies.

You will see an error if this is the case. Instagram’s AI occasionally identifies stories as not adhering to guidelines even when they have.

In the upper section, we have discussed why does Instagram show story unavailable.

Now, we will discuss on how to see those stories which have been deleted by Instagram or if any bug made it.

How to View the Unavailable Story:

Unfortunately, the user’s story has been removed from Instagram’s servers, so you can no longer read it.

Live stories are also stored on Instagram’s server, where everything else is kept.

When the Live story disappears, you can no longer view it because it is no longer live on the server.

There are not many ways, but few which you can use to can see their story; in this section, we will discuss on that.

By using story viewer tools:

There are tools available that allow you to watch public Instagram stories secretly.

The tool will then display all of their recent 24-hour articles if you remember their login and type it into the search window.

The fact that it only functions for Instagram public profiles is its lone drawback.

Asking them what was on the story:

You can ask someone if you can’t persuade them to send you their story or if they’ve already seen it.

Just send them a message in the DMs asking what was on their story before it was taken down.

They would be delighted to tell you about it if it was a close friend. If not, it might be a little strange, and you’ll know who to approach.


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