What does Mozilla do apart from Firefox?

Not possible that a technophile from 2005 would not know Mozilla’s flagship browserFirefox,which had the monopoly of web browsing at that time.

What predominantly unknown is Mozilla being much more than only a web browser.

Let’s get to know the functional aspect of Mozilla apart from Firefox.

What Does Mozilla do apart from Firefox

What is Mozilla Firefox?

No one is entirely unaware of Mozilla Firefox. But even if you live under a rock, here is a short introduction. Firefox is the abbreviated name for Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is primarily but not limited to, an open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation/Mozilla Corporation.

Founded in 2002 and got released for public use in 2004, it earned 60 million plus downloads within nine months of its release and gave Internet Explorer 6 tough competition.

Currently, it is the 4th most popular desktop web browser. The Mozilla Foundation developed it under the phoenix community.

The primary name behind its development was Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross.

Mozilla Firefox key specification:

As of now, we know it took the internet on storm right after its release, so now let’s look at what specifications it had to replace the popular Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. It is lightweight and doesn’t demand too much space to process, unlike Chrome.
  2. Firefox extensions are quite efficient.
  3. Mozilla Firefox can be used to browse via both Android and iOS devices.
  4. The secured interface and speed offered are applaudable.
  5. It is equipped with malware and phishing protection software.
  6. It has fast graphic acceleration for videos and graphics.
  7. Mozilla Firefox has this feature of automatically filling out the form.
  8. Mozilla Firefox also has features for synchronizing passwords, bookmarking pages, and spelling corrections add on.

Apart from being a secured web feature, Mozilla has carved its identity from some of its amazing services launched by the Mozilla Foundation to date.

Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla Foundation is an American non-profit organization that has authority over all of Mozilla’s trademarks and copyrights.

Founded by Netscape, this organization promotes open-source web.

It was formed in 2003.

It runs on the Mozilla Manifesto, which is a collection of 10 principal.

What does Mozilla do apart from Firefox?

Mozilla Foundation has many tools under its belt apart from Firefox, which are as follows. Many of its components are abandoned, so we haven’t mentioned that.

Firefox Focus

  • Mozilla Firefox has a dedicated & secure mobile web browser.
  • It is free to use.
  • It was released in 2017.
  • Firefox Focus has a content blocker feature that includes an add on Safari browser and Apple devices.
  • The telemetry features that Mozilla Focus provides allow Mozilla to collect information about users.

Firefox Relay

  • The working mechanism of Firefox Relay is to mask your Email address and to forward in your inbox only non-spamming secured Emails.
  • This initiative is to manage email fraud.
  • Firefox Relay is accessible over Android phones as well.
  • This also helps while shopping from some non-credible platforms as it aids by masking your email with the option to unmask it whenever required.

Firefox Pocket Digital Library

  • It is a Firefox integration where users can bookmark articles from the web to create a personal library.

Mozilla VPN

  • On the 18th of June 2020, Mozilla announced a VPN service called Mozilla VPN with a cost disclosure of US $4.99/month. The media realm found it to be Mozilla’s attempt at reinventing the brand.
  • This open-source desktop and mobile application were launched in 2020.
  • Mozilla’s latest initiative for VPN services isa descent on the privacy front as there are now many counter technologies to anonymous browsing services, such as Browser Fingerprinting. However, Mozilla does have some extent of blocking Fingerprint technology.
  • Mozilla VPN has been performing progressively well since all the last three security audits by cybersecurity firm Curr53.

Firefox Facebook Container Extension

  • Mozilla’s Facebook container extension helps keep users’ information inclusive and maintains confidentiality by isolating users’ identities into separate container tabs.

Mozilla MDN plus

  • This subscription model supports tool by Mozilla helps in customizing the MDN Web docs through premium features such as Notification collection and MDN Offline.
  • Customized MDN libraries allow MDN use in even offline mode.
  • There are three MDN plans- MDN core, MDN Plus5, and MDN supporter 10.

Mozilla Past activities/Projects

  1. Mozilla developed an extensive file transfer system
  2. Mozilla worked on including a password manager
  3. Mozilla created an AI division
  4. Also, it bought under its name Pocket, a reading app.
  5. Mozilla also launched a mobile app for building websites.
  6. Mozilla developed an Email relay service as well.

Final Remark

Mozilla Foundation has kept itself busy with many sub-ventures over the last decade.

Firefox usage now has a market share of 4% declined from the 30% market coverage it had a decade ago. What went wrong is the stagnancy of Mozilla on its central web browsing software front and still branching, knowing the cost a sub-avenue would include.

Mozilla left Firefox to die. Firefox’s mobile share is now nowhere to be seen, whereas it spent a significant percentage of its finances starting new projects.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Which is better, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

Here is side by side comparison of Google Chrome and Firefox to help you out.

Takes a bit more space in the system than FirefoxLighter on system resources
It takes a third-party application to block audio and video over the web.Blocksauto-play videos by default
3. Google Chrome supports Adobe flash feature.3. Firefox doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player
4. Google Chrome does not support the customization feature.Firefox offers customization on the web.

Q. What is Mozilla’s primary revenue source?

Having possession of multiple revenue sources Mozilla still makes a big chunk of its income through its royalty services.

Firefox has made Google its default in Firefox and thus helps  Google get traffic.

Due to its revenues stooping low at a staggering rate, it even shared cutting down three of its services: MDN Docs, Rust Compiler some Firefox updates.


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