Unlock The Ultimate Soundtrack: How To Get More Player Anthems In Rocket League

how to get more player anthems in rocket league

How To Get More Player Anthems In Rocket League

  1. Explore the Item Shop: The Item Shop is a great starting point for finding new player anthems. It offers a variety of items, including different music tracks that can be set as your anthem. Check the shop regularly as it refreshes with new items every day. Keep an eye out for specific player anthems or bundles that catch your interest.
  2. Participate in Events: Psyonix frequently organizes events and limited-time game modes in Rocket League. These events often feature exclusive rewards, such as unique player anthems. By taking part in these events, you’ll have the chance to earn or unlock special music tracks that aren’t available elsewhere.
  3. Trade with Other Players: Trading has become an integral part of Rocket League’s community-driven economy. If there’s a particular player anthem you’re after, consider trading with other players who may have duplicates or are willing to exchange their item for something else you possess. Utilize platforms like RL Garage or Discord communities dedicated to trading to connect with potential trading partners.
  4. Season Rewards: Climbing up the competitive ranks and earning season rewards can also grant you access to exclusive player anthems at certain milestone levels during each season. So make sure to play competitively and strive for higher rankings if unlocking unique music tracks is one of your goals.
  5. In-Game Challenges and Rocket Pass: Keep an eye out for in-game challenges and the Rocket Pass system introduced by Psyonix. Both offer opportunities to earn various rewards, including player anthems as you progress through tiers or complete specific objectives.

Completing Achievements For Player Anthems

One avenue to obtain player anthems is by completing specific achievements within the game. These achievements are designed to challenge players and reward them with exclusive content, including new anthems. Whether it’s scoring a certain number of goals, performing impressive aerial maneuvers, or pulling off epic saves, there are achievements tailored to different aspects of gameplay.

By actively pursuing these achievements and meeting their requirements, you’ll not only improve your skills but also unlock catchy tunes that reflect your accomplishments. For example, scoring a hat trick in a match might earn you an anthem that celebrates your goal-scoring prowess.

Earning Player Anthems Through Competitive Play

Rocket League’s competitive playlists offer another opportunity to acquire player anthems. As you climb the ranks and showcase your skills in intense matches against other players, you’ll gradually unlock new rewards, including unique music tracks for customization.

The higher the rank you achieve in competitive play, the greater the variety of player anthems becomes available for selection. This provides an additional incentive to hone your abilities and strive for excellence on the field while enjoying fresh soundtracks that express your dedication and progress as a player.

Unlocking Exclusive Player Anthems In Tournaments

Participating in tournaments within Rocket League introduces yet another avenue for obtaining exclusive player anthems. Tournaments provide an exciting competitive environment where teams battle it out for glory and prizes. In addition to bragging rights and tournament-specific rewards such as banners or wheels, players can also secure special music tracks for their anthems.

These exclusive player anthems serve as a testament to your success in tournament play, serving as a reminder of the thrilling victories and fierce competition you’ve experienced. So, make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming tournaments and seize the chance to unlock these unique musical additions.

Trading For Player Anthems With Other Players

  1. Build a Solid Inventory: Before diving into trading for player anthems, it’s important to have a diverse inventory that appeals to potential traders. Acquire items such as rare decals, wheels, or goal explosions that hold value in the Rocket League community.
  2. Research Market Prices: Familiarize yourself with the current market prices of different player anthems. This will help you make fair offers and negotiate effectively during trades. Keep an eye on popular trading platforms or forums where players buy and sell their items.
  3. Find Trading Partners: Connect with other Rocket League players who are interested in trading their player anthems. Join online communities, forums, or social media groups dedicated to Rocket League trading. Engage in discussions and reach out to potential trading partners.
  4. Negotiate Fair Trades: When initiating a trade for a player anthem, it’s essential to offer fair value in return. Consider the rarity and demand of the item you’re offering compared to the desired player anthem. Be open-minded and willing to compromise if necessary.

Remember that trust is crucial when engaging in trades with other players. Take precautions to verify the reputation and reliability of your potential trading partners before proceeding with any transactions.


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