Growing Number of Visitors on Social Networks

Science and technology have led to innovations such as the internet. It has led to the creation of many social networking sites, and it is fair to say that they have completely taken over the world. For those familiar with websites and social networking sites, the importance of the number of visitors on the site can never be overstated.

The more the growth rate of visitors on the site, the better it performs. Most successful social networking sites witness a growth in visitors almost daily. This article closely examines the unique visitors growth rate at popular social networks.

The Critical Numbers

The number of people who use social media or social networking sites is rising everyday. By 2027, it is expected to reach an all-time high of 5.85 billion. This means that the number of visitors on each site will also increase, and that will contribute to more clicks as well. At the moment, in the current year, the number is 4.59 billion worldwide.

This can largely be attributed to the advent of science and technology, which have contributed to greater accessibility of the internet and devices that can give one access to social networking sites.

On average, people spend about 144 minutes on social networking sites. Facebook leads the race with the most significant share of visitors. Statistics show that Latin America average spends the most time on social media. Data shows that Latin Americans spend an average of 3 hours and 32 minutes daily on social media. Compared to that, North Americans spend only about an hour and 56 minutes on social media every day.

The significant growth rate of the social networking sites

Even though Facebook is known for breaking records regarding active users, the number of active monthly users has dropped by 36.64%. Earlier, it dominated the market at a whopping 70%.

Twitter has also seen a growth spurt since 2016 and has reached an appreciable 6.82%, which is its highest ever. On the other hand, Reddit has lost some of its strong ground and had a market share of 5.10% back in 2018.

On the other hand, Pinterest and Instagram have had a very close battle. Pinterest had the upper hand in the initial years, and Instagram trailed far behind. However, the number has picked up Instagram in recent years, finally overtaking Pinterest’s market share. Instagram has reached an all-time high market share of 2.47%, while Pinterest trails by 0.52% and is at 1.95%.

Other significant names that have seen an increase in market share are YouTube, which has gone up to 27.01%; LinkedIn, which has gone up to 1.58%; and, last but not least, Yelp, which has gone up to 1.03%.

Website Traffic and The Importance

The visitors of a website finally add up together as the traffic of the site, and the more the web traffic, the better it is for the site. Web traffic helps to gain more and more potential customers and enables you to track your site’s activities and performance. Web traffic gives users useful insight into the growth and revenue of the website.

Web traffic is an essential part of social media platforms as social media platforms help to involve the audience and drive more web traffic. Social networking sites engage with the target audience constantly, and in this way, the site can improve its user experience and get real-time feedback about its services.

Thus, with unique visitors growth rate at popular social networks, you will be able to build relationships, generate more leads and share your brand with more and more people.

Ways to boost your unique visitors’ growth rate on social networks

Let us take a close look at how one can boost the visitors’ growth rate on social networks.

  1. Posting consistently – Regular posting on social media can help keep your visitors

engaged, and thus, it will help you get a large target audience and more clicks. Regular posting is a very well-used social media marketing strategy. There are different frequencies for posting on different social networks. For Facebook, the required or preferred posting frequency is one post per day. For Twitter, the preferred posting frequency is 15 tweets every day. On Instagram, the preferred posting frequency is one or a couple of weekly posts.

To know which posting frequency will be best for your business, you can check other similar social media handles or the response of your audience and clients.

         2. Focusing on visual content – Written content often faces the language barrier, or your audience and clients might not be willing to read through long paragraphs. In this case, or actually, in all cases, the focus should be on visual content. Visual content is more appealing and does not face the language barrier. Visual content can be a sign of your creativity, which might help pique your audience’s interest. It is a proven fact that visual content helps to increase content visibility. Popular visual content includes the following:

  1. Storytelling visual
  2. Visuals with vibrant colours
  3. High definition photography
  4. Videos that focus on the brand and its products and services
  5. Clips that pinpoint the information and the useful facts

  3. Interactive events – Interactive events such as Question And Answer sessions or live events help to engage the audience and clients the best and also lead to more clicks. All leading social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, have options to create quizzes, polls, contests and other interactive features which indulge the audience by helping them share, talk, follow and like.

Facebook has the popular Facebook Live features where one can discuss a topic of love with the audience. Similarly, Twitter has introduced a poll feature that can receive audience feedback about a certain topic. Instagram allows its users to use hashtags and follow and like each other, boosting audience indulgence.

    4. Adding links – Social networks are the best options to increase the reach of your brand and services. Visually appealing posts are a huge boost for a site’s visitors’ growth rate. In order to drive more traffic from a social network to your site, you can add links to the posts on social media platforms, and these links will help the visitors find their desired site. Ads on social media also help to arouse interest in the audience.

     5. Following the trends – Following the trends that go viral is an effective way to get more visitors and, thus, more clicks. Memes, reels, stories, hashtags and trending topics also help to strong growth in the rate of visitors. Additionally, trends also help get an idea of how the audience reacts to the site’s various features.


Thus, the unique visitors growth rate of social networks is a crucial aspect in the process of extending the reach of the site or its services. There are many ways in which one can do this.

People spending more and more time on social media networks which is resulting a significant growth of social media networks.


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