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Luck is not the only thing that determines how profitable a slot machine will be in the long run: the RTP ratio of the game can also give you a good idea. Although the spin results are determined randomly, slots with high RTP will allow you to recover more of the money you have invested in the game. Do you know what this mechanic is, how it works, and how it can be useful to you? Find answers to all these questions below, along with an up-to-date list of slots with the highest RTP rate. For a list of the best casinos to try these games, visit

RTP Explained: How Does it Affect You?

Also known as “payout rate”, this value simply determines how much a game will pay you back and is not specific to slot machines, all casino games have an RTP percentage. There are two important things you need to know as a player:

  • The higher the RTP value, the better.
  • A high RTP does not mean a higher chance of winning.

Let’s explain both of them separately. When we say high RTP, we mean 98.00% and above. We can illustrate why this is important with an example:


  • Let’s say you are playing a slot with an RTP of 99%, and you have invested a total of 1,000 units in this game.
  • In the long run, you can recover 999 units from this game. This means you will lose at most 1 unit.

The “long-run” here is a minimum of 1,000 spins, which means that considering each spin, animation takes an average of 2 seconds, a minimum of 1 hour of gameplay, assuming you never take a break. So, for example, you can’t see any positive or negative effect of RTP value in a game that you only play for half an hour: your game time (taking into account the animation lengths) must be at least 1 hour. If you calculate your wins and losses at the end of this period, you will find the numbers in the example we gave above. That’s why it’s always good to pick games with a high RTP.

From this explanation, you can understand why this does not affect the chances of winning either: what the spin results will be is still randomly decided by RNG. The RTP value cannot affect these results in any way (positive or negative). Therefore, playing a slot with a high RTP does not mean that you will have a higher chance of winning. However, a higher RTP is still better as you can recover more of your investment in the long run.

List of High RTP slots: What to Play?

The list below has been updated for 2023, but you can see that it still contains some older games. This is because RTP values of 98% and above are pretty rare. In other words, even a game released years ago can still maintain its validity.


You can see the name of the game on the left of the list, the studio that developed it in the middle, and the RTP value at the end.

  1. Ryse of the Mighty Gods – One Touch – 99,10%
  2. Book of 99 – Relax Gaming – 99,00%
  3. Aztec Gold Mines – iSoftBet – 98,88%
  4. Marching Legions – Relax Gaming – 98,12%
  5. Hero Clash – Stakelogic – 98,10%
  6. Fa Cai Shen – Habanero – 98,05%
  7. Steam Tower – Netent – 98,02%
  8. Jokerizer – Yggdrasil – 98,00%
  9. Blood Suckers – Netent – 98,00%
  10. Caribbean Anne – Kalamba Games – 98,00%

We suggest you try these games for free first and find the ones that appeal to you the most; then you can start playing your favorite ones for real money.


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