Rocket League Etiquette: How To Say This Is Rocket League In Quick Chat

how to say this is rocket league in quick chat

How To Say This Is Rocket League In Quick Chat

To express the statement “this is Rocket League,” you can use the following quick chat commands:

  1. “Nice shot!” – This command can be used when your team scores a goal or makes an impressive play, indirectly indicating that this is indeed Rocket League.
  2. “What a save!” – If you or your teammate makes an incredible save, using this command implies that the intense action happening on the field is characteristic of Rocket League.
  3. “Wow!” – Sometimes, simply expressing surprise and awe through quick chat can convey the excitement and fast-paced nature of Rocket League.

What is Quick Chat in Rocket League?

Key Features of Quick Chat in Rocket League

  1. Pre-set Messages: Quick Chat provides a range of pre-set messages that cover various aspects of gameplay, from simple greetings and acknowledgments to specific strategic calls. These messages are conveniently categorized into different sections like “Team,” “Gameplay,” and “Reactions.”
  2. Customization Options: In addition to the default set of quick chat messages, Rocket League also allows players to customize their quick chat options. You can create your own custom messages or choose from a selection of popular community-created presets.
  3. Language Support: Rocket League supports multiple languages, which means that the quick chat messages are available in different languages as well. This ensures effective communication across international teams and fosters inclusivity within the gaming community.

How to Access Quick Chat in Rocket League

Accessing the Quick Chat feature in Rocket League is straightforward:

  1. In-Game Menu: During a match, press the designated button (usually ‘D-pad’ on consoles or ‘T’ on PC) to bring up the quick chat menu.
  2. Controller Shortcut: Alternatively, you can use specific controller shortcuts to trigger commonly used quick chat commands without opening the full menu. For example, pressing ‘Up’ on the D-pad followed by ‘Right Trigger’ will automatically send the message “Nice Shot!”.
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts: If you’re playing on PC with a keyboard, you can assign keybindings for individual quick chat commands through the game’s settings menu.

Using Quick Chat For Communication in Rocket League

Quick Chat can be a powerful tool for effective communication in Rocket League. Here are a few examples of how you can utilize it during gameplay:

  • Callouts: Use quick chat messages to inform your teammates about important game events, such as “I got it!” when going for the ball, or “Defending…” to signal that you’re staying back.
  • Encouragement: Show support and positivity by praising your teammates’ good plays with messages like “Nice shot!” or “Great pass!”
  • Coordination: Coordinate strategies and teamwork by using quick chat commands such as “Centering…” or “Take the shot!” to guide your teammates towards specific actions.

Using Quick Chat to Communicate in Rocket League

Mastering Quick Chat Phrases in Rocket League

In Rocket League, saying “This is Rocket League” through the Quick Chat option can help express excitement or acknowledge an impressive play. To do so, simply press the communication button (default: D-pad on consoles or ‘T’ on PC) and navigate to the appropriate phrase from the menu.

Here are some popular variations of how to say “This is Rocket League” using different Quick Chat options:

  • “Wow!” followed by “Nice Shot!” – This combination showcases enthusiasm for an exceptional goal or play.
  • “What a Save!” followed by “No Problem.” – Use this sequence when both teams make remarkable saves, acknowledging each other’s skills.
  • “Great Pass!” followed by “Thanks!” – This tandem allows you to commend your teammate for setting up a scoring opportunity.

Navigating The Quick Chat Menu in Rocket League

Knowing how to navigate through the Quick Chat menu swiftly is essential for quick responses during gameplay. The menu offers various categories that encompass different game situations such as goals, saves, passes, apologies, compliments, and more.

To access specific phrases quickly:

  1. Press the communication button (D-pad on consoles or ‘T’ on PC).
  2. Move your thumbstick or use arrow keys to highlight the desired category.
  3. Scroll through the available options within that category.
  4. Select your desired phrase by pressing the corresponding button or clicking on it.

Familiarizing yourself with the menu’s layout and practicing navigating through it can significantly improve your communication efficiency during matches, allowing you to provide timely responses and support to your team.

Customizing Your Quick Chat Messages in Rocket League

Rocket League also offers players the option to customize their Quick Chat messages. This feature allows you to tailor your communication options according to your playstyle, strategies, or personal preferences. To customize your Quick Chat messages:

  1. Access the Options menu within Rocket League.
  2. Navigate to the Gameplay tab.
  3. Scroll down until you find “Chat” settings.
  4. Select “Quick Chat” customization.
  5. Edit or replace existing phrases with ones that better suit your needs.

With this customization option, you can create a personalized set of quick phrases that align with your gameplay style and enhance communication within matches.

In summary, learning how to say “this is Rocket League” in quick chat provides an efficient means of communicating important messages during matches without distraction or time-consuming typing. By utilizing various pre-set commands such as “What a save!”, “Nice shot!”, “Great pass!”, “Defending…”, and “I got it!”, players can effectively convey their intentions, acknowledge impressive plays, and establish clear roles within the team. So, make sure to make good use of quick chat in your Rocket League matches and enjoy the game to its fullest!


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