Prepare Your Mac For The Most Fun And Exhilarating Games For 2023


Let’s not beat around the bush. For obvious reasons, Mac computers are not a gamer’s first choice. But they are getting there. Apple has focused on entering the gaming market, and in a few years, it might be as good as Windows (maybe!).

But because they are not as good as Windows, it doesn’t mean you cannot game on a Mac. There are several exciting titles you can play on your Mac computer (written below) after you have optimized your system for gaming. So, how to optimize MacBook Air for gaming? This blog explores the different optimization tips you can implement.

Optimization Tips to Get Your Mac Ready For Gaming

●    Free up space

Ensure there is enough storage space for downloading and playing your favorite games. You must at least have an additional 25GB of free hard disk space to run the games once you have downloaded it.

You can free up space by deleting irrelevant files, documents, apps, etc. Remove all the old videos and photos. You can also transfer some documents and files to an external drive or back them up on iCloud.

●    Close resource-heavy applications

Are there apps running in the background? Are they resource-heavy apps? If so, they may affect your system’s performance and gaming experience. You can optimize your Mac for gaming by closing the resource-heavy applications in the background. Go to Activity Monitor and check the apps consuming the most CPU. Terminate them before playing games.


●    Disable login items

Ease the workload on startup to optimize your Mac for gaming. You can temporarily disable the login items and prevent apps from automatically launching when you switch on your Mac computer. To manage your startup items, head to System Preferences > Users & Accounts > click the Login Items tab > choose your account > click the lock icon > click the minus button to remove applications.

Don’t worry, you can add the items later by following the same steps and clicking the plus button.

Besides this, ensure you have a stable, high-speed Internet connection to play online games without any delay or interruption. Check the CPU, RAM, and GPU of the Mac you are using to make sure it matches the requirements of the game you want to play. Also, do your due diligence to purchase the right Mac for gaming.

Which Games to Play on Your Mac For 2023 And Beyond?

Once your Mac is optimized for gaming, you can play the following titles:

●    Hades

Hades is one of the best games developed by Supergiant Games. In this game, players are invited to step into the shoes of Zagreus, Hades’ son, to break free of the underworld. The runs are randomized; you will earn bonuses and currencies for your next run. Each time you die, you will return to the start.

Players must build overpowered characters using randomly generated tools and boons. It is a great game to play on your Mac.

●    The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is the latest entry in the popular franchise. It has been turning heads since 2014. Thanks to its endless number of expansion packs, the game continues to feel fresh and engaging. In the game, players create homes and characters and live out their whimsical digital lives.

The base game is just as solid as all the other games in this franchise, and it is all-consuming.

Please note that you must download the game from EA’s Origin Store because Sims 4 on Steam is not supported by macOS.

●    Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPG games you will find on any platform. There is so much to learn in the game. You can team up with your friends or journey through the epic story alone. The game pulls many elements from the several Final Fantasy games released before this one.

The game offers a free trial up to level 60. If you enjoy the game, you can purchase the full version. Here again, the Steam version does not support macOS. You have to download the game from Square.


●    Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is one of the recent additions to the list of gaming titles for Mac. It takes pointers from Two Point Hospital and applies them to college life. Although things start simple in the guide, things quickly get complicated. Before you know it, you are building a school like Hogwarts.

The game is lighthearted and promises to show players a good time. You can engage in this game for hours because it has a great sense of humor throughout.

The Bottom Line

Do not keep your Mac away whenever you feel like gaming. More and more titles are being added so Mac users can experience an immersive experience. You can subscribe to Apple Arcade and Steam to unlock an extensive collection of titles across categories and genres.


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