Non-Crate Rarity: What Does Non Crate Mean in Rocket League

what does non crate mean in rocket league

What Does Non Crate Mean in Rocket League

When it comes to Rocket League, the term “non crate” refers to items that cannot be obtained through opening crates. In this popular vehicular soccer video game, players have the opportunity to unlock various items such as car bodies, decals, wheels, and more. While some items can be acquired by purchasing or trading crates and keys, non crate items are those that can only be obtained through other means.

Non crate items in Rocket League can be earned through different methods such as participating in special events, completing challenges, or even purchasing them directly from the in-game shop. These exclusive items often carry a certain level of prestige among players because they cannot simply be obtained by chance through crate openings. Non crate items may include limited edition car bodies, goal explosions, trails, or even player banners.

Understanding Non-Crate Items

The Definition of Non-Crate Items

In Rocket League, non-crate items refer to cosmetic items that are not obtained from crates. Unlike crate items, which require keys to unlock, non-crate items can be acquired through various means within the game. These items include bodies, decals, wheels, boosts, trails, goal explosions, and more. They allow players to customize their cars and express their unique style on the field.

How to Obtain Non-Crate Items in Rocket League

There are several ways to obtain non-crate items in Rocket League:

  1. Rocket Pass: The Rocket Pass is a tiered reward system that offers both free and premium tracks. By leveling up your Rocket Pass tiers, you can earn exclusive non-crate items throughout each season.
  2. Events: Psyonix regularly introduces limited-time events into Rocket League that feature event-specific challenges and rewards. These events often provide players with the opportunity to unlock new non-crate items by completing specific objectives.
  3. Item Shop: The Item Shop allows players to directly purchase featured non-crate items using credits obtained through gameplay or purchased with real money.
  4. Trading: Trading with other players is another way to acquire non-crate items in Rocket League. You can trade duplicate or unwanted crate items for desired non-crate items with other members of the community.
  5. Blueprints: Blueprints are another avenue for obtaining non-crate items in Rocket League. When opening a blueprint, you have the option to build the item shown by spending credits.

The Rarity Levels of Non-Crate Items

Non-crate items in Rocket League come in different rarity levels which indicate their relative scarcity and desirability:

  • Common (grey) – Basic customization options available from the start.
  • Uncommon (green) – Slightly rarer than common items.
  • Rare (blue) – More visually appealing items with a higher chance of dropping.
  • Very Rare (purple) – Distinctive and eye-catching items that are less common to find.
  • Import (orange) – Rare and sought-after items with unique designs.
  • Exotic (yellow) – Highly desirable, these items often feature special effects or animations.
  • Black Market (black market decal icon) – The rarest and most valuable non-crate items in the game. These include animated decals, goal explosions, and other extraordinary customizations.

Exploring Rocket League Crates

Understanding The Concept of Non-Crate Items

In the world of Rocket League, crates play a significant role in the game’s economy. These virtual containers hold a variety of items such as decals, wheels, goal explosions, and more. However, not all items in Rocket League are found within crates. This is where the concept of non-crate items comes into play.

Non-crate items refer to those that can be obtained directly without the need for opening crates. These items can be acquired through various means such as event rewards, trading with other players, or even unlocking them through gameplay achievements. Unlike crate items that require keys or decryptors to reveal their contents, non-crate items grant players immediate access to their desired customization options.

Differentiating Non-Crate Items From Crate Items

One key distinction between non-crate and crate items lies in their availability and accessibility. While non-crate items can be obtained outside of the traditional crate system, crate items are exclusively found within opened crates. Crate items often carry a certain level of rarity and exclusivity due to their limited supply and demand dynamics.

Furthermore, non-crate items may come with specific characteristics that set them apart from their crate counterparts. Some non-crate items may have unique attributes or effects that make them highly sought-after by players looking for distinct visual flair on their cars.

The Significance of Non-Crate Items in Rocket League

Non-crate items hold considerable value within the Rocket League community. They provide an alternative avenue for players to personalize their cars without relying solely on luck or spending real-world money on keys to unlock crates.

Additionally, non-crate item trading has become a thriving aspect of Rocket League’s ecosystem. Players can engage in lively exchanges with fellow enthusiasts to obtain rare or desirable non-crate items through mutually beneficial trades.


The term “Non Crate” in Rocket League refers to items that are not obtained from traditional crates. These items can be acquired through various means, such as in-game events, trading with other players, or purchasing them directly from the in-game store.

One of the main advantages of Non Crate items is that they often have a fixed price, making it easier for players to obtain specific items without relying on luck or opening multiple crates. Additionally, Non Crate items can sometimes be more exclusive and unique compared to crate items since they may only be available for a limited time during special events.

It’s important to note that both Non Crate and crate items hold value within the Rocket League community. Some players collect certain cosmetic items purely for their aesthetic appeal, while others focus on acquiring valuable and sought-after rare decals or wheels to trade with other players.


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