Master the Art of Combat: How to Get Gohan And Videl as a Mentor in Xenoverse 2

how to get gohan and videl as a mentor in xenoverse 2

How to Get Gohan And Videl as a Mentor in Xenoverse 2

To begin your journey towards mastering their skills, make sure you have progressed far enough in the main story. Gohan becomes available as a mentor after completing the “Saiyan Awakening” questline, while Videl can be unlocked after finishing the “The Mystery of the Time Rifts” questline.

Once you’ve reached these milestones, head over to Conton City and locate Gohan and Videl. They can usually be found near or inside the School building. Interact with them to initiate a conversation and express your desire to become their student. They will then offer you training missions that will test your abilities and help you grow stronger.

Completing these training missions successfully is crucial for progressing in their mentorship program. Not only will it earn you experience points and valuable rewards, but it will also increase your mentor level with Gohan and Videl. As your mentor level rises, they will teach you new techniques and provide unique advantages during battles.

Finding Gohan And Videl as Mentors

Unlocking Gohan as a Mentor

To unlock Gohan as a mentor in Xenoverse 2, you’ll need to complete specific tasks and meet certain requirements. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Progress through the main story: First, make sure you have advanced far enough in the game’s main story. Sometimes mentors become available after reaching key milestones or completing certain missions.
  2. Increase your character level: Gohan typically becomes available as a mentor once your character reaches around level 35-40. So, focus on leveling up by participating in battles, quests, and training exercises.
  3. Complete parallel quests: Parallel quests are an important part of unlocking mentors in Xenoverse 2. Keep an eye out for specific parallel quests that involve Gohan, as completing these will increase your chances of him becoming your mentor.
  4. Maximize friendship with other mentors: Building strong relationships with other mentors can also pave the way for new mentor opportunities. Take some time to train with other mentors and increase their friendship levels before approaching Gohan.
  5. Check the Time Rifts: Occasionally, Time Rifts may offer unique opportunities to encounter mentors like Gohan outside of regular gameplay progression. Explore these Time Rifts when they appear to see if any mentor-related events are happening.

Unlocking Videl as a Mentor

If you’re looking to have Videl take you under her wing as a mentor in Xenoverse 2, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Reach the Buu Saga: Make sure you’ve progressed far enough into the game’s storyline until you reach the Buu Saga arc.
  2. Level up your character: Similar to unlocking Gohan, increasing your character’s level is crucial in unlocking Videl as a mentor too. Aim for a character level of around 30-35 to increase your chances.
  3. Complete parallel quests: Keep an eye out for parallel quests that involve Videl, as completing these will increase the likelihood of her becoming your mentor. Some specific quests may focus on Videl’s character development or feature her as a prominent NPC.
  4. Build friendship with other mentors: As mentioned earlier, building strong relationships with other mentors can open up new opportunities. Invest time in training and increasing friendship levels with other mentors before pursuing Videl.

Training With Gohan And Videl

Once you’ve successfully unlocked Gohan and Videl as mentors in Xenoverse 2, it’s time to start training with them! Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Approach the mentor: Locate Gohan or Videl in Conton City and approach them to initiate the mentor-student relationship.
  2. Accept their training missions: Mentors offer various training missions that allow you to learn new skills and techniques. Accept these missions from the mentor menu and complete them to progress through their training.
  3. Earn mentor points: By successfully completing training missions, you’ll earn mentor points. Accumulating enough points will unlock new skills from your mentor.
  4. Train regularly: To make steady progress, train regularly with your chosen mentor(s). This will not only improve your combat abilities but also deepen your bond with them.

In conclusion, obtaining Gohan and Videl as mentors in Xenoverse 2 can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. These two characters offer unique abilities and techniques that can help you improve your skills in the game. Whether you’re a fan of Gohan’s powerful attacks or Videl’s swift and agile combat style, having them as mentors is definitely worth pursuing.

Remember that patience is key when trying to unlock Gohan and Videl as mentors. It may take time to complete the necessary tasks and build relationships with other mentors before they become available. However, the rewards of having them as mentors in Xenoverse 2 are well worth the effort.

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