Master the Art of Clearing the Ball and Discover What Are Clears in Rocket League

what are clears in rocket league

If you’re new to Rocket League, you might be wondering what clears are and how they play a crucial role in the game. In Rocket League, clears refer to the act of hitting the ball away from your team’s goal towards the opponent’s side of the field. It’s a defensive maneuver used to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

Clears are an essential skill for any player looking to excel in Rocket League. When executed effectively, clears can buy your team precious time to regroup, set up offensive plays, or simply prevent a potential goal from happening. They require good positioning, timing, and accuracy to ensure that the ball is successfully cleared out of your defensive zone.

In Rocket League, clears can take different forms depending on the situation. They can be powerful shots launched high into the air or quick taps that redirect the ball away from danger. The key is recognizing when to go for a clear and communicating with your teammates to avoid double commits or leaving gaps in defense.

What Are Clears in Rocket League

How Clears Work in Rocket League

When it comes to Rocket League, clears play a crucial role in the game. But what exactly are clears? In simple terms, clears refer to the action of hitting or kicking the ball away from your team’s goal and towards the opposing side of the field. This defensive move is essential for maintaining control and preventing your opponents from scoring.

Clears can be executed using various techniques such as aerial hits, power shots, or even simple touches. The key is to generate enough force behind your hit to propel the ball far away from your goal area. Timing and positioning also play vital roles in executing successful clears.

The Importance of Clears in Rocket League

Clears are not just about getting rid of the ball; they serve a much larger purpose within the game. Here are a few reasons why clears are so important:

  1. Defensive Strategy: By clearing the ball out of their own half, teams can alleviate pressure on their defense and reset their position on the field. It buys them time to regroup and reorganize their gameplay.
  2. Counter-Attacking Opportunities: A well-executed clear can instantly transition into a counter-attack, catching opponents off-guard while they’re still recovering from an offensive play.
  3. Preventing Goal Scoring: Clears act as a last line of defense when an opponent is closing in on your goal. A timely clear can deny them scoring opportunities and frustrate their efforts.

Different Types of Clears in Rocket League

In Rocket League, there isn’t just one way to execute a clear; players have various techniques at their disposal depending on the situation at hand:

  1. Ground Clear: This is an effective yet straightforward technique where players use precise timing and positioning to drive or roll the ball along the ground towards midfield or beyond.
  2. Aerial Clear: When the ball is high in the air, players can launch themselves off the ground using boost to make contact with it. This allows for powerful clears that cover great distances and catch opponents off-guard.
  3. Wall Clear: Sometimes, the ball may be bouncing or rolling up against a wall near your goal. In such cases, players can use their car’s hitbox to clear the ball off the wall and redirect it away from danger.

Understanding these different types of clears gives players more options to effectively defend their goal while transitioning into offensive plays.

Perfecting Aerial Clears

When it comes to Rocket League, mastering the art of aerial clears is crucial for success on the field. But what exactly are clears in Rocket League? Well, let me break it down for you.

To perfect your aerial clears, here are a few tips and techniques to keep in mind:

  1. Positioning: Proper positioning is key when attempting an aerial clear. Make sure you’re positioned correctly in your defensive zone so that you have a good angle and approach to hit the ball cleanly.
  2. Timing and Anticipation: Aerial clears require excellent timing and anticipation skills. You need to read the trajectory of the incoming ball and time your jump accordingly to meet it at its highest point.
  3. Boost Management: Managing your boost is crucial during aerial clears. Make sure you have enough boost before initiating your jump so that you can gain enough height and power to make a strong clear.
  4. Accuracy: Aim for accuracy when making an aerial clear. Try to hit the ball with the center or top part of your car’s hitbox for maximum power and control.

By mastering aerial clears, you’ll be able to effectively neutralize offensive threats from opponents and provide valuable support for your team’s defense. So get out there, practice those jumps, and become a formidable force on the Rocket League field!


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