Interesting Facts About The LG Application Store

LG application store is a platform from which you can access multiple apps and premium content. LG application store is also known as the LG content store. It is a platform from where you can enjoy unlimited content. Enjoying content is everyone’s first choice, and the LG application store provides an additional facility that improves your digital experience.

As our world is developing with time, technology is the factor that is moving at a good pace with time. Technology is something that is getting improved in every aspect and we people need our mode of entertainment to be best so that we can enjoy our livelihood. LG is the leading brand working a lot to improve technology by introducing new methods for future generations.

Currently, LG has launched its application store, or what we call a content store. It is an open-source platform that can be used with LG devices to make their device smart. LG application store is highly compatible with LG smart TV. You can easily control the LG application store with the help of the internet, and you can operate with the use of a remote on your LG smart TV without any difficulty. Everything becomes very easy when you operate Application Store, as you can easily use all the services that can be used in enjoying your living with the unlimited content with the help of such services provided by the LG content store.

How to Use And Install Apps With The Help of The LG Application Store?

It is an easy method to use the LG application store without any hassle; you don’t have to do anything as the job is quite easy to operate. But before that, let’s take a look over the installation of LG application store apps.

How to install apps on the LG application store?

  1. Select the option of the home button displayed on the remote control.
  2. Your LG application store or Lg content store will get open.
  3. Choose the APPS category visible at the top of the screen. After this method, you will get to see the list of available apps.
  4. Choose an app from the list.
  5. Carefully read all the details of the app that you need to install and then click install.
  6. Once installation is completed, then you can try to run the app.
  7. All the categories will differ according to the country and origin.
  8. But if your storage on the TV is not enough, then you can use an additional memory device for installing other apps.
  9. But if you still face any issues due to low storage space, then you can delete the apps and reinstall them when you want to use them.

Installation of apps is an easy job that you can do without any hassle, and the LG application store has provided you with enough assistance with all the services. Now let’s look at searching the apps on the LG application store.

How to search for apps on the LG application store?

  1. There is a search option in the LG application store and LG content store that allows you to find all the services with the help of the internet.
  2. Click the home button on your remote.
  3. The search option will launch within no time.
  4. Now search for the app that you want to look out for.

Interesting Facts About The LG Application Store

LG application store makes your device smart by providing some facilities to its server. You can easily use multiple social media platforms that can be used for entertainment purposes. Moreover, you can also use your LG application store to access multiple web apps and channels.

The main function of the LG application store or LG content store is to make your device smarter so that you can feel a new method of entertainment. Not only this, multiple functions can be used with this store, such as:

  1. LG smart’s world
  2. Simple Launcher Bar
  3. Magic Remote
  4. Magic Zoom
  5. Netflix Streaming
  6. Smart Sharing
  7. LG Lean Bird

LG Smart’s World

With the help of LG Smart’s world, you can access apps, games, and various content you will love to watch. There is a wide range of apps that are available on the LG application store. Also, there is a channel viewer that understands your taste and manages all the shows and apps according to your liking and, moreover, recommends such apps and shows to you.

Simple Launcher Bar

This is the first screen that will display on your screen when you choose the Home Button. You can easily drag and drop your favorite apps on your home screen. This simply means that you can easily customize the watching experience, and this method will allow you to continue your watching from the point where you left earlier.

Magic Remote

LG magic remote adds quality to your watching experience. You can easily access different apps just with the help of a few methods. You can choose clicking, scrolling, and pointing methods for using the remote and can minimize the use of multiple robots.

Magic Zoom

Magic Zoom allows you to enlarge objects that are visible on the screen. Magic zoom gives the exact image quality that is displayed and does not decrease its resolution with larger sizes. You can also capture screenshots with the help of the Magic Zoom option.

Netflix Streaming

You can also stream premium Netflix content on your LG device without any hassle. Netflix is famous for entertainment reasons as it contains multiple award-winning shows, series, and movies. Moreover, you can also use Netflix as the main app, as there is no need for third-party installation for Netflix.

Smart Sharing

With the help of smart sharing service through the LG application store, you can easily connect to multiple external devices. You can take the help of your mobile, tablet, laptop, and another electronic device through which you can easily share your screen. You can easily enjoy music and movies with the help of smart sharing, even from a distance.

LG Bean Bird

LG bean bird is also one of the best features of the LG application store as it is an assistant that guides us about all the features with the help of animations and short videos. LG Bean bird assists you with installing apps when you first start your device. This feature of the LG application store makes the overall experience easier and more convenient.


LG application store or LG content store makes your TV smarter and makes your simpler and easier. It simply improves the experience of your life just by introducing some best features for your entertainment. Not only this, there are multiple functions and apps that you can access with the help of the LG application store. LG Content store makes your way of living more futuristic and makes you feel better just by increasing your level of comfort with the help of this service.


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