How Would You Get And Play The Game Pigeon on Android?

Are you getting bored of regular texting with your friends or family members? Do you seek to interest up your conversation a little more? If yes, the Game pigeon is the right choice that will work better than others. It is a game combined with iMessage as with a game app and then permits you to perform with your friend alongside chatting. 

But the worrying thing is not to be designed officially for Android users, although android users continue to enjoy its new benefit. In this article, you may get more information about downloading and playing the game on Android. 

Concern Regarding Game Pigeon

Game pigeon is a fun application that will allow you to have a good time with your family members and friends by playing the multiplayer game. It is an app available for IOS users, and the sad thing is that it is not available for Android. Will game pigeon ever be on Android, What if android users have to do? 

There may not be any more official sites to order to download Game pigeon on Android; however you need not worry about it, there is a way to help you utilize Game pigeon on your Android phone. There is an iMessage app for Android phones using it, and you may receive the Game pigeon request and then play it with your friends. 

Are You Playing a Game as a Group?

You may play this game with any of your contacts and pick from the number of games available. In case you have to play the game, you may send a request to any one of your contact, which can be easily done. Once done, the application will automatically format it into a test message or iMessage.  

Wherever you get tired of messaging, you may consider the fun game and begin your enjoyment as a group. Friendly competition may also go ahead with great conversation with your group, as Will game pigeon ever be on Android.

Here, you may get diverse sorts of games and always experience new things while playing the game with a group of members. 

How Do You Get Game Pigeon on Android?

On your Android phone, as the user, you may perform all iMessage games, and so if you are serious regards getting the game on your Android phone, you have to follow some more steps. There is a way to run the iMessage game on Android; however, you require a macOS system. Also, iMessage needs to be fixed on Android since it may work on both macOS and ios. 

The working process of it your text will send to the we server, wherein it will process and delivered to the iPhone. And so while you send a message from your android device, it will reach into the we server, then it will forward a message to the iPhone. 

Right now, will game pigeon ever be on Android, too here are some of the steps involved in getting the game. However, prior to that, we have to confirm that you have already backed up all your data. This is why the game is not officially designed for Android users, whether it may be drawn up into risk factors.

Step-by-step guidance to get game pigeon

At first, download the Java Development Kit 7 or else higher on your Mac. You have to make sure to download the latest version. 

  • Once you download the JDK and install it on your Mac. 
  • Then, you have to add the terminal app to your accessibility tab. 
  • After adding the terminal added into the accessibility list, you have to download and install weMessage on your Mac.
  • If you are the first startup, you will be asked to enter your iMessage email and password. After entering it, the weserver will start to process.
  • When the weserver is running, you have to go to the weMessage app on your Android Smartphone. 
  • Then, login into weMessage on Android and enter the exact values set on weserver. In the process, you must follow the instructions as carefully displayed on the screen. 
  • After completing the process, the device may get ready to connect with MacOS, and right now, you get the text message as with a Game pigeon request from any ios. 

If you follow the steps mentioned earlier carefully, let you download your app on an android device without any more issues. 

Steps to download the app

Make sure with the steps mentioned earlier that you are properly done. Then, you may easily download the app hassle-free. 

  • You have to download and install the JDK on your Mac. 
  • Then, add a terminal app to your accessibility tab. 
  • Download and install the weMessage app on your Mac. 
  • Download and install the weMessage app on your Android

Then, you have to enter the same credential on both in order to establish the connection. 

Are Android and iOS Worked Together?

There are various kinds of games available that have been designed for cross-platform mobile app development. Both OS may support these games and enable the user to play them on an android phone. 

Of course, it is one of the best and most reliable technological developments that may facilitate the designers in order to target smartphones with various OS globally. Right now, Will game pigeon ever be on Android both IOS and android users now play multiplier games together. 

Is There Any Possibility of Accessing Game Pigeon on Android?

Well, android users are considering the Google Play store, and then IOS uses the game center in order to download and install the games. You may get future updates regarding playing multiplier games on your Android and IOS devices. Right now, Android cannot utilize the iMessage game on its OS, and you may not be able to run some apps. 


Right now, you may enjoy playing games with your friends and families on Game pigeon as hassle-free means without any more issues. In order to download and perform Game pigeon on your Android, you must follow the steps correctly and easily play Game pigeon. 


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