How to Reset Descale on Keurig K-Supreme Plus – The Ultimate Guide

how to reset descale on keurig k-supreme plus

If you’re wondering how to reset the descale function on your Keurig K-Supreme Plus, I’ve got you covered. Descaling is an essential maintenance step for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your coffee maker. In this article, I’ll walk you through the simple process of resetting the descale feature on your Keurig K-Supreme Plus.

To begin, make sure your Keurig is powered on and ready for use. Locate the settings menu by pressing the menu button on the control panel. Once in the menu, navigate using the arrow buttons until you find the “Maintenance” option. Select it by pressing the corresponding button.

Within the maintenance menu, look for the “Descale” option. It might be labeled as “Descaling,” “Clean,” or a similar term depending on your specific model. Press that option to initiate the descaling process.

Follow any additional prompts or instructions displayed on your Keurig’s screen to complete the descaling cycle successfully. Remember to have a large enough container placed beneath the brewer spout to catch any liquid expelled during this process.

Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to consult your user manual for specific instructions tailored to your particular Keurig model. Happy brewing!

Why Descale Your Keurig K-Supreme Plus

Keeping your Keurig K-Supreme Plus in top-notch condition is essential for ensuring a consistently delicious cup of coffee. Over time, mineral deposits from the water you use can build up inside your machine, affecting its performance and the taste of your coffee. That’s where descaling comes in.

Descaling is the process of removing those stubborn mineral deposits, or scale, from the inner workings of your Keurig K-Supreme Plus. By descaling regularly, you can maintain optimal functionality and extend the lifespan of your beloved coffee maker.

Here are some key reasons why descaling should be an integral part of your Keurig maintenance routine:

  1. Improved Performance: Scale buildup can clog the internal components of your Keurig machine, leading to slower brewing times and decreased water flow. Descaling helps remove these deposits, allowing for better performance and efficient brewing every time.
  2. Enhanced Taste: Have you noticed that your once rich and flavorful cup of joe now tastes a bit off? That could be due to scale buildup affecting the flavor profile of your coffee. Descaling helps eliminate any lingering mineral residue, restoring the natural taste and aroma to your brews.
  3. Prevents Clogs: As scale accumulates over time, it can block crucial pathways within your Keurig K-Supreme Plus. This may result in clogs that disrupt water flow or even cause costly damage to internal parts. Regular descaling prevents such issues by keeping those pathways clear and ensuring smooth operation.
  4. Prolongs Lifespan: Just like any other appliance, regular maintenance is key to prolonging its lifespan. Descaling not only improves performance but also helps prevent costly repairs or premature replacement due to excessive scale buildup.
  5. Preserves Warranty: Many manufacturers recommend descaling as part of their warranty requirements for maintaining valid coverage on your Keurig K-Supreme Plus. By following the descaling instructions provided by Keurig, you can ensure that your warranty remains intact.

Preparing Your Keurig K-Supreme Plus for Descale

Steps to Reset and Prepare for Descale

  1. Turn off the Brewer:
    • Before starting any maintenance procedure, make sure your Keurig K-Supreme Plus is turned off and unplugged from the power source.
    • This step ensures your safety during the process.
  1. Empty Water Reservoir:
    • Remove the water reservoir from the brewer by lifting it straight up.
    • Discard any remaining water in a sink or drain.
  1. Clean Removable Parts:
    • Take out all removable parts such as the water filter, drip tray, and K-Cup holder.
    • Wash them with warm soapy water using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge.
    • Rinse thoroughly and let them air dry before reassembling.
  1. Reassemble Parts:
    • Once all components are dry, carefully place them back into their respective positions in the brewer.
    • Ensure they are securely fitted before proceeding.
  1. Refill Water Reservoir:
    • Fill a clean container with fresh cold water.
    • Pour enough water into the reservoir to reach its maximum capacity without overflowing.
  1. Start Descaling Process: Note: Follow these instructions provided by Keurig specifically for descaling your model:
    a) Plug in your brewer but do not turn it on just yet.
    b) Press and hold the 6 oz brew button and the “Strong” button simultaneously for a few seconds.
    c) The descaling process will begin, and your machine will start dispensing water in short intervals. Allow it to run through completely.
  2. Rinse the Brewer:
    • Once the descaling process is finished, empty the water reservoir again.
    • Fill it with fresh cold water to its maximum capacity.
  1. Final Rinse Cycle:
    • Place an empty mug or cup on the drip tray.
    • Run several brew cycles without adding a K-Cup until all remaining descaling solution is flushed out.

Remember, regular descaling helps maintain optimal performance and prolongs the lifespan of your Keurig K-Supreme Plus. Make sure to follow these steps periodically as recommended by the manufacturer.


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