How to Get Yourself Unblocked From Commenting on Tiktok (Guide)

You undoubtedly want to know how to remove these Tiktok action blockages you are reading. If so, you are where you need to be. In this article, I’ll describe how to unblock Tiktok’s Blocked Action.

I’ll explain why you get blocked from commenting on TikTok below and how to get freed.

Let’s first define blocked action on Tiktok.

When Tiktok finds a suspicious or spammy account, it will temporarily block it.

Let’s now get started.

How to Get Yourself Unblocked From Commenting on Tiktok?

Whenever TikTok detects any kind of suspicious or spamming activity from any account, they will block it for some time.

If you try to do anything, it will display an error message which says the action has stopped. Now, we will discuss how to get unblocked from commenting on TikTok.

Below are some steps which you can follow to get yourself unblocked from commenting on TikTok:

Don’t perform any activities for 24 to 48 hours:

If you find yourself blocked, you will have to give rest to your account for a day or two.

The most frequent cause of blocking on TikTok is engaging in the excessive activity.

Take a break from TikTok, don’t like, comment, or follow anyone, and then come back after 48 hours.

Limit your daily activities, even when you are not locked, as TikTok monitors each account’s daily activity.

The following is a list of Tiktok’s daily limitations for 2020:

  • Do not follow or unfollow more than 200-250 accounts per day.
  • Restrict likes to 300-400 maximum for a day.
  • Make a maximum of 40-50 comments.


Try uninstalling all other third-party apps from your device:

This is one of the main causes of account blocking.

One of the leading causes of comment blocking on TikTok is the use of third-party tools to increase your likes and followers.

The recently revised algorithm on TikTok makes it simpler to find them.

TikTok is aware of the automated activity.

If you have any of these programs installed, it’s time to remove them.

Aim to avoid installing any more third-party apps that could lead to your blocking.

Link your account to additional social media platforms:

Try connecting your other social media accounts to your TikTok account since TikTok has reported your account as spam.

This will support the claim that you are a human, not a robot.

And will help you to get unblocked from commenting on TikTok.

Linking your other social media accounts also proves that you are a legit person and do not mean any harm to different.

Try switching networks:

If you have got blocked from TikTok and If you are on a WI-FI, try to switch on to your phone network.

In this case, TikTok might have blocked your IP address rather than your account.

Instead of using your Wi-Fi, you should start by switching to mobile data.

Choose Wi-Fi if you’re already using mobile data.

Avoid violating copyright rules:

Delete any videos you may have posted that are not your own, and then try logging in again.

On TikTok, copyright piracy is a serious issue.

You must either be the owner of all photos and videos you submit to your account or have permission from their owner.

If you want to share that user’s content, you must tag him and give him credit in the description.

You must get the owner’s permission if you wish to make money from the content.

Additionally, TikTok will remove any uploads you make that include videos containing music that was not authorized for usage.

Try to log in using VPN servers:

It is also one of the primary reasons why users are getting banned from TikTok.

If you access your TikTok account from a different IP address or device and you are unable to send an SMS or email to verify your identity.

The system might then believe that hackers have taken control of your account.

In response, the system locks your account right away to safeguard your security and privacy.

The user complained to TikTok:

If you’ve mistreated someone or harassed them in their comment box, TikTok will stop you from commenting.

TikTok may decide to close your account if numerous users have flagged it as harmful.

People could criticize you for a variety of things, like having an excessive number of followers, likes, spam, improper or explicit stuff posted, rudeness, etc.

Anything mentioned above could result in the actions on your account being locked.

Try to report to TikTok:

This would be the way to get yourself unblocked from Tiktok if you have done nothing wrong.

Tiktok is an excellent place to go if you believe you haven’t done anything wrong.

Tiktok should be notified of the issue so they can perhaps review your claim.

Sometimes it’s only a simple error or glitch which have caused you.

Some other reasons why your comments are not showing:

  • There is a bug with TikTok. Try forcing the app to close and restart it.
  • You’re using Airplane Mode or don’t have internet access.
  • Commenting on the post has been disabled or restricted to a small group of individuals.
  • It’s hardly often, but you may check here if TikTok is down.
  • You’re being too involved (likes, comments, follows, unfollows).
  • You included more than five @ mentions in a single comment.
  • On a single post, you used more than 30 #hashtags.

Final remarks on “How to get unblocked from commenting on TikTok”

We have discussed several ways in which you can get yourself unblocked from commenting on TikTok and some of the reasons why you are blocked from commenting or why your comments are not

If you are facing any other problem, try to reach out to the Tiktok user help center.

Try to avoid being too active in following or unfollowing users, and do not bully or harass them in their comment section or private chats.

Limit your account activities to a certain level, so your account does not get flagged as spam or suspicious.


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