How to Get Exotic Drops in Rocket League – Tips for Getting Exotic Drops

how to get exotic drops in rocket league

How to Get Exotic Drops in Rocket League

Are you wondering how to get those coveted exotic drops in Rocket League? Well, look no further! In this article, I’ll share with you some valuable tips and strategies for getting your hands on those elusive items.

One of the key ways to increase your chances of getting exotic drops is by participating in tournaments. Rocket League regularly hosts tournaments where players have the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards, including exotic items. So make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming tournaments and join in on the action!

Another effective method is through trading with other players. Rocket League has a thriving trading community where you can exchange items with fellow players. By acquiring popular items through trading, you can then trade them up for higher-tier items, potentially leading to exotic drops.

Lastly, levelling up your Rocket Pass can also grant you access to some amazing rewards, including exotic drops. As you play matches and earn experience points, progress through the tiers of the Rocket Pass and unlock various cosmetic items along the way. Keep pushing forward and reap the benefits of reaching higher levels!

By following these tips and implementing them into your gameplay routine, you’ll greatly enhance your chances of obtaining those sought-after exotic drops in Rocket League. So gear up, hit the field, and show off your impressive collection of rare items!

Understanding Exotic Drops in Rocket League

What Are Exotic Drops?

When it comes to Rocket League, the thrill of collecting rare and unique items is an undeniable part of the experience. One such category of coveted items is known as “Exotic Drops.” These drops are special cosmetic items with distinctive designs that can greatly enhance your car’s appearance on the field.

Exotic Drops in Rocket League include a wide range of flashy wheels, decals, goal explosions, and even Black Market decals. They are classified as one tier below the highest rarity level, which is the Legendary tier. Each Exotic item carries its own distinct visual style and adds a touch of exclusivity to your vehicle.

How Do Exotic Drops Work?

To obtain these sought-after Exotic Drops in Rocket League, you’ll need to rely on a bit of luck and some dedicated gameplay. Unlike other common or uncommon items that can be acquired simply by playing matches or trading with other players, Exotics follow a different distribution system.

Exotic Drops have a chance of appearing as post-match rewards after completing online matches. However, unlike lower-tiered drops that have fixed probabilities for each rarity level, Exotics require more good fortune. The drop rates for these exotic beauties are relatively low compared to their counterparts.

Factors Affecting Exotic Drop Rates

While there isn’t an exact formula for guaranteeing an exotic drop in Rocket League, understanding certain factors can help improve your chances:

  1. Match Duration: Longer matches tend to increase the likelihood of receiving higher-tiered drops including exotics.
  2. Score Contribution: Active participation and high-scoring performances during matches may slightly boost your odds.
  3. Weekly Wins: The game also rewards players who accumulate wins throughout each week with additional chances at securing exotic drops.
  4. Rocket Pass Premium: Subscribing to the Rocket Pass Premium grants bonus tiers and potentially increases your chances of unlocking exotics.

It’s important to note that these factors are not definitive guarantees, but rather potential influencers that may tip the scales in your favour. The key is to consistently engage in matches, perform well, and hope for that stroke of luck when it comes to Exotic Drops.

Remember, the world of Rocket League can be unpredictable and exhilarating. So while you strive for those exotic items, enjoy the game itself and savour every moment on the field.

That wraps up our exploration of “Understanding Exotic Drops in Rocket League.” Now let’s delve into some valuable tips on how to maximise your chances of obtaining these coveted items. Stay tuned!


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