How Hard is it to Make Money on YouTube (In-Depth Analysis)

Making money is not difficult on YouTube, as it entirely depends on the content you post on the platform. If your content is quite good, you will surely earn something, but if the content is not reasonable, it will be a tough job for you to monetise your channel. In this blog, we will clearly understand the concept of YouTube monetisation and examine How hard is it to make money on YouTube.

How Can One Earn Money From YouTube?

Well, earning money from YouTube is not difficult, but the payment speed depends on the content you share with the audience.

If the audience likes the content, the earning speed will breakneck.

But if your content is not getting enough appreciation from the audience, then it will be difficult for you, but you will get some amount, but the whole process will get slow.

A specific criterion of YouTube is set for all the creators.

It is the same for everyone, as the payment is directly proportional to the views and public watch hours of the videos the audience has seen.

But before all this process, the essential thing that each Youtuber has to do so that their channel can get monetized is to follow some mandatory conditions for each content creator.

The criterion to Monetize your YouTube Channel

To start monetizing the channel, the creator has to follow a set of basic rules.

Once the rules are fulfilled, then the channel will be applicable for monetization.

The rules for YouTube channel monetization are listed below.

  1. The content creator must have a total of 1000 or more subscribers on their channel.
  2. The YouTube channel must have completed a watch time of 4000 hours.

So, as mentioned above, a channel must have completed 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours to enable monetisation on YouTube.

This is considered the most basic step toward activating monetization on the channel.

Once this criterion is fulfilled, the next step that needs to be checked is that the creator must agree with the YouTube monetization policies.

Monetizing the channel is similar to enabling ads on a website.

How is The Payment Method of YouTube Calculated?

The payment of YouTube is ensured on the total number of clicks and ad views.

In terms of YouTube, it is known by the name of Cost per Mile (CPM) or Cost per Click (CPC).

This means that the creator got paid for 1000 views of the ad shown on the video.

And click signifies that the audience has clicked on the ad and watched it for 30 seconds or more.

Not only this, but the payment for the video also depends on the content of the video and it also checks the popularity of the video.

Moreover, two more methods ensure the payout of your video.

  1. Viewership is the one factor that is considered in YouTube payments, as it depends from region to region. A view that is generated from the USA will be more beneficial than a view from India as it will bring a higher return.
  1. Niche is the second factor considered when YouTube payments and all the things completely depend on the advertiser. Let’s take an example – If you have a video of both car and beauty on your channel, the video that provides content related to the car will provide you better returns as the car agents and car dealers will advertise your video to increase their own sales, and that became beneficial for you in earning more profit. There will be no such high possibility of profit in the beauty niche. We are not saying that the profit will be zero. It will be some but not equal to or close to the video of the car niche. So, the niche is the second most important factor in calculating payment from YouTube.

YouTube provides no fixed amount to creators; thus, we cannot surely say that one can make a living from YouTube.

The currency rate depends on the type of content as some users get $1 for every 1000 views, whereas some receive $5 for 1000 views, and this varies accordingly to the niche of your content.

How to Get Money From YouTube?

Before moving on to this context, some creators must think that it is tough to get paid from YouTube.

As we have discussed, it is not a tough job as it completely depends on the type and quality of your content.

If your content is great, then there is nothing to worry about, but if you are not getting enough results, then it is a worrisome thing.

The creator must find a way to fit among their competitors and provide more attractive and unique content to gain more audience.

It also helps them to attain more profit. Secondly, the creator must be regular with their work so that the audience doesn’t feel disappointed that they are not getting enough content from them.

So, being regular with good work is something a worthy task in getting more profit from YouTube.

These are the basic steps that need to be ensured, but moreover, there are some techniques that you can set up to get the privilege of earning money from YouTube.

Let’s take a wider look at all the possible solutions that can be beneficial for you to get profit from your YouTube account by providing content to your audience.

Join YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program provides special features to all content creators.

Being a partner makes everything easier for you.

This not only includes video ads, but it does also contain income from live streams, premium subscription fees, channel membership, super chat, and merchandise.

These are the benefits that a creator gets after joining the YouTube Partner Program.

And if you are a partner, then your channel will be on the priority list of YouTube, and that will provide you with multiple benefits.

 Work with Sponsors

You don’t have to be an Instagram influencer to get a sponsor for your channel.

This is an excellent strategy to make money just by adding the video on YouTube, and you will get paid by the sponsor that needs content from your end.

You will directly negotiate with the brand, and you will be safe from the money that got deducted from YouTube.

It’s a widely used method by Youtubers to earn more amount of profit. 

Become an affiliate partner

The alternate method that can boost your income is to become an affiliate partner and use the method of affiliate marketing.

This allows the audience to visit some affiliated links that give you a bonus amount when a user buys something from the affiliate link.

There is always a cut from the amount that will be added to your pocket.

Not only this, but the company can also give you a suitable amount from the percentage of profit that the company gets from your link.


Turn on Membership for your audience.

YouTube is bringing new features for content creators, and one such feature is a membership that YouTube has introduced to benefit the creators as the audience can buy their Membership to access the additional content that the creator provides.

The membership price is variable, and the creator can decide his range according to audience retention.

All this membership amount will be completely yours, as YouTube doesn’t take something from that amount.

Super chat and Stickers

During live sessions, there is a method of super chat and stickers that are brought from money, and it is also a method to get money in your pocket.

This method is also beneficial to get some profit from YouTube, but YouTube takes 30% of this money and gives you the remaining amount.

Can use Personal Account info

Some creators add their account details to their content, and they get donations on their personal account.

It is more effective as they don’t have to pay anything through YouTube, and therefore, the creator will get the full amount.


So, we have covered the topic of this article very well, and I hope you guys got the answer to your most interesting question.

Yes, it is possible to earn money on YouTube, but it takes a lot of hard work and regularity, the content must be good, and you must know the trick to attract an audience.

Your high or low amount will completely depend on your work.

Therefore, we can conclude that earning from YouTube is a tough task if you are a beginner, but once it gets activated, you will attain a handsome amount of profit from your content.  


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