How Do Blueprints Work in Rocket League Game

how do blueprints work in rocket league

How Do Blueprints Work in Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular video game that combines the thrill of soccer with high-speed, rocket-powered cars. One of the key elements in Rocket League is the use of blueprints, which allow players to customize their cars with unique decals, wheels, and other cosmetic items. But how do blueprints work in Rocket League?

In simple terms, blueprints are virtual plans that outline the necessary components and steps needed to create a specific item in the game. When you acquire a blueprint, it acts as a blueprint for creating a particular item like a cool new decal or an eye-catching set of wheels. However, unlike traditional blueprints that require physical materials and construction, these virtual blueprints are used to unlock items instantly.

To create an item from a blueprint in Rocket League, you’ll need two things: credits and the corresponding blueprint itself. Credits can be obtained by playing matches or through microtransactions. Once you have enough credits and own the required blueprint, you can choose to build the item directly from within your inventory.

Blueprints add an exciting element of customization to Rocket League, allowing players to personalize their cars according to their style and preferences. Whether it’s decking out your vehicle with flashy decals or sporting unique wheels that make heads turn on the pitch, blueprints offer endless possibilities for players to stand out on the field.

So next time you’re looking to give your car a fresh look in Rocket League, don’t forget about those intriguing blueprints waiting to be discovered!

The Basics of Blueprints in Rocket League

If you’re new to Rocket League or just starting to explore the world of blueprints, let me break down the basics for you. Blueprints play a crucial role in customizing your gameplay experience and acquiring unique items. So, let’s dive right into it!

  1. What Are Blueprints? Blueprints are virtual plans that allow you to obtain specific items in Rocket League. They serve as a replacement for the old crate system and provide players with more transparency regarding what they can unlock. Each blueprint represents a particular item, ranging from wheels and decals to goal explosions and even entire car bodies.
  2. How Do You Get Blueprints? Blueprints can be obtained through various means while playing the game. After each online match, there’s a chance that you’ll receive a blueprint drop instead of an item drop. Additionally, events and challenges may reward you with blueprints as well. Once you have a blueprint, it needs to be crafted before you can use it.
  3. Crafting Blueprints To craft a blueprint, you’ll need credits – the in-game currency of Rocket League – which can be purchased or earned by trading other items with fellow players. The credit cost for crafting depends on the rarity of the item indicated on the blueprint itself.
  4. Unlocking Items Once crafted, your blueprint transforms into an item that is instantly added to your inventory. At this point, you have full ownership of the unlocked item and can equip it to personalize your cars however you like.
  5. Trade Possibilities Trading has always been an essential part of Rocket League’s community-driven economy, allowing players to exchange items with one another. With blueprints, these possibilities expand further as now players can trade both their blueprints themselves and any items crafted from them.

So there you have it – the basics of blueprints in Rocket League! Now that you understand how they work, you can start collecting and customizing to your heart’s content. Keep an eye out for those blueprints during your matches, and remember to have fun exploring the vast array of customization options Rocket League has to offer!


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