Growth of Facebook Usage Among Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have now become Facebook’s fastest-growing demographic. They are logging into the site and engaging with Facebook more than ever before.

Well, this is mainly because older adults find social media to be the easiest way of staying connected with their friends and family.

As the population continues to age, people will see a growing number of senior citizens turning to Facebook as a resource for information.

The older population even searches for senior-related topics like health care or retirement planning.

In this article, we shall learn the reasons behind the huge growth of Facebook usage among senior citizens. We will also know why older adults have become so attached to Facebook. Let’s begin!

Seniors on Facebook: The Fastest Growing Stats

Technology daunts and obstructs many senior citizens from progressing into cyberspace. Yes, that’s the truth. Older adults even say they find it quite difficult to learn how to turn on a computer.

Despite these, senior citizens’ use of Facebook and other social networks is growing. Population counting in 65 and older are the fastest-growing demographic on social networking sites.

Social networking sites such as Facebook have been deeming seniors as their fast-growing demographic. And recently, the site released data showing that in the past three years alone, the number of senior citizens on Facebook has increased from 18 percent to 32 percent. This trend will likely continue – and even increase – as time goes on.

We can freely conclude that senior citizens are becoming less technophobic. Moreover, the older population thinks going online is a necessity.

Senior citizens prefer keeping pace with their children, grandchildren, and relatives, so they institute themselves on social networks like Facebook.

As compared to 2021, 6 out of 10 seniors go online, which counts to be around 60%. Among the adults who go online, 74% are daily users of Facebook.

Reports mention that social media users in the US spend the most time on Facebook on average, i.e.,33 minutes.

Seniors who come from a higher socioeconomic background more often use social networks than those who are not so well off.

This population of senior citizens met the general population average or, in some cases, outdone the average internet user.

Facebook Getting More Popular With Senior Citizens. Why?

Yes, you got it right! As Facebook usage among seniors is increasing, it is becoming more popular day by day. There are many reasons behind this massive growth of Facebook usage among senior citizens. Some of them are mentioned below:

As per researchers, senior citizens manifest equal levels of liking for Facebook features as the younger generation. The ‘message-interactivity’ is one of the best Facebook features that draw the attention of older adults.

Right from the chatting function to the wall posting, adults find Facebook a handy and interesting social media platform.

The percentage of senior citizens on social media can further be elevated. How? The designers and creators should offer basic and uncomplicated interface tools.

The simpler the interface, the more the audience spends time on the site. And Facebook is one such social media site which had done the same.

Studies suggest the degree of use of Facebook by older adults is related to the social aspects, as well as sharing photos with friends and family.

The older generation is motivated by social bonding. And the ‘Like button’ on Facebook reflects this likeness & bonding. A simple interface and design for senior citizens matter a lot.

That’s all why the senior group’ represents the fastest-growing demographic among those who use social media.

Some other reasons why older adults prefer to be online are as follows –

  • People over 65 use social media & to find connections with their family and friends. They are now able to stay in touch with others near and far. Facebook allows senior citizens to enjoy their life without feeling lonely.
  • Senior citizens report Facebook as the networking site where they can find the answers to their queries regarding anything. Facebook helps them to get tips on how to manage their health, finances, and even their homes.
  • Social networking sites, like Facebook, help them in making new friends, some of whom are also senior citizens like themselves. They can start interacting with each other and sharing their opinions about various topics.
  • Seniors find Facebook a great way of staying current with political news, entertainment news, and sports news.

Benefits of Using Facebook: for Seniors

There are some benefits of using Facebook for older adults. Let’s learn about some of those benefits:

  • Enhanced Technology Confidence

The only fact that Facebook became popular among seniors encourages them to practice other technologies. Technology seems less complicated and confusing for the older generation than ever.

  • Online Friendships and Relationships

Older adults, who use Facebook, enjoy having online relationships with their friends and family members. They can find out everything they want to know regarding their loved ones on the site itself.

  • Emotional Support

Facebook allows older adults to share their feelings and thoughts with friends and family. It helps them to get support in times of stress, loneliness, challenges, and sadness in life.

  • Sharing Joy

Through Facebook, older adults have the opportunity to share their achievements, goals, and dreams with friends near and abroad. They enjoy being supported in achieving their respective goals in life!


So, today, Facebook and other social networking sites have become part of our lives. Senior citizens who had already joined the bandwagon of these websites would continue staying with them.

But, we are yet to witness complete senior citizens joining the bandwagon and experiencing the upgraded features of Facebook & other sites.

Well, there you go! We have concluded! You now very well know how’s social media usage by past, and present generations have become.

We hope you have learned a lot from this article about social media usage among seniors in general and for seniors who use Facebook in particular.


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