Gmail vs Yahoo Mail vs Hotmail vs AOL

An email address is a designation for the unique mailbox used for sending and receiving messages, which we call an Email. Multiple domain names are available in the market, and it’s up to you which domain you want to use for your email address. We also call these domain names Email service providers. Some of the most common email service providers are listed below:

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo
  3. Hotmail
  4. AOL

What is Gmail?

Google provides an email service which is known by the name of Gmail. It can be easily accessible on the internet and uses several third-party applications. One can access Gmail on Ios and android devices without any difficulty. Gmail is used for business and personal communication, making it the most widely used service. Gmail is considered the first preference of every user due to the services it provides to its users and clients.

What is Yahoo?

Yahoo, the email service provider, is also a good choice if you want to use it. Yahoo mail is free for personal use and charges a monthly fee if you need additional features. If you work as a professional or own a business, it is better to choose Yahoo as your email provider, as it has an excellent range of features. Yahoo allows instant messaging and SMS text messaging and integrates your emails.

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is a free mailing service that Microsoft currently controls. Earlier, Hotmail had more than 364 million users, which made it the most famous email service then. Now, Hotmail is known by the name Outlook. It allows users to send and receive mail with the help of web services. The best feature of Hotmail is that it provides unlimited space for use. Hotmail is widely used as Outlook for professional mailing services, and most corporate and business companies take advantage of its services.

What is AOL?

AOL is something more than an email service provider. It helps maintain multiple online business websites, ensures complete internet connectivity, and provides email services to its clients. It was known as American Online, but in 2009 it changed to AOL. AOL is a division of Yahoo. The best advantage of AOL is that it provides unlimited sizes to its users, and AOL has the best ability to link its accounts with Hotmail and Gmail.

Gmail vs Yahoo mail vs Hotmail vs AOL

When you compare Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and AOL, you will know the pros and cons of these mailing services. These mailing providers are on the list of the top providers, and therefore they are widely used by the people. So, it would be better to compare all these types by looking at the pros.

Advantages of Gmail

  1. Gmail supports POP3 and SMTP service to its users, whereas yahoo and Hotmail lack these services.
  2. Google provides a total 0f 15GB of storage to its users.
  3. With the help of services, you can easily manage your emails in the account.
  4. There is an option for archiving that you can do in Gmail.

The only drawback of Gmail is that Google displays multiple ads to its users. Gmail and other mailing providers also show ads, which is common for everyone. But one can easily block these ads with the help of the AdBlock extension.

Advantages of Yahoo mail

  1. Yahoo mail allows you to create new file folders, and this property is not available in either Gmail or Hotmail.
  2. You can easily create aliases for your very own yahoo account.
  3. Yahoo mail provides more storage space than Gmail as it provides 1TB of storage for files and folders.
  4. There is an option to go ad-free with yahoo mail, but you have to pay some amount for it.

The major drawback of Yahoo mail is that it doesn’t provide an online preview, so you have to download the files if you want to view them.

Advantages of Hotmail

  1. Hotmail allows you to save your drafts and provides a preview with an updated version of the previous one.
  2. You can easily create more than ten alias with the help of Hotmail, and it is a helpful and valuable feature.
  3. As it is under the control of Microsoft, Hotmail has perfect email security and protects from viruses and spam mail.
  4. Hotmail, now known as Outlook, is widely used because it provides better assistance for corporates and businesses and a user-friendly experience.

The major disadvantage that Hotmail has is that it is a highly rated mailing service, and there is a chance that hackers can hack your accounts easily.

Advantages of AOL

  1. The best advantage of the AOL mailing service is that the user can use multiple usernames under a single account.
  2. AOL mailing service has the additional benefit of blocking all spam mail to clean your inbox of unnecessary messages.
  3. AOL provides 24 x 7 technical support to its users, make more straightforward for users to reach out to the team when they face any issue with the service.
  4. AOL provides several more services to its users and doesn’t charge for the service.

Getting a suitable username in the AOL mailing list is difficult, and it can be considered a drawback. Also, the users cannot open the attachments directly from the mail. They have to download the attachment if they want to view them.

Choosing the best option according to your requirements

It is still a difficult option if you want to go with an email service provider, as these types are different and have their very own specific properties. Gmail is a widely used provider and provides storage of 15GB to its users; therefore, it is the best option, as Gmail is supported in over 80 languages. At the same time, Yahoo allows spam blocking and provides you with a storage space of 1TB, which is more than enough. Hotmail, known by the name Outlook, is currently leading the charts as it is supported in more than 110 languages.

Also, it provides multiple app integrations for better use and a total of 15GB of storage. AOL is different from others as it doesn’t have any storage limit, provides unlimited storage and has support in more than 50 languages. It would be your call to look for the best option for your benefits, as each email service provider will differ according to your needs. Some are beneficial for businesses and corporate, while others are for personal use.


Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and AOL are the widely used email service providers, and each mailing service has its own pros and cons and can be used for personal and business purposes. Choose wisely the type of service that is best suited for you and that fulfils your needs.


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