Easiest Steps To Get Unblocked From Commenting on Facebook: Use PC & Mobile

Facebook, give its users the privilege to avoid someone or prevent that person from seeing their stories. In fact, as a Facebook user, you can also block your viewers from posting unnecessary comments on your posts. Do you want to get unblocked from commenting on Facebook? I’ll tell you how?

Now the option is specifically designed to prevent some offensive action.

But sometimes, people use it for their intention and probably block you from taking revenge.

The comment is necessary because it encourages bloggers, artists, designers and everyone to show their talent on Facebook.

And that is why we want to tell you how to get unblocked from commenting on Facebook.

How To Get Unblocked From Commenting on Facebook?

The way people can make you block commenting on Facebook, Facebook itself can do the same thing.

Due to specific reasons, Facebook does that due to various purposes.

Now let’s go through the step-by-step guide for how to get unblocked from commenting on Facebook.

·       Open Facebook

First, if you want to do it from your account, open www.facebook.com, or if you are using the app, open it.

·       Log in to Your Account

The next step is to log in; if you have already logged in, you can go to the further process; otherwise, you need your email id and password to log into your account.

From this point, your mobile and PC steps will no longer be the same. After successfully logging in to your account, follow these steps to completethe “how to get unblocked from commenting on Facebook” guide.

From PC

You will find a regular story page when you log in to your Facebook account.

  • You have to look for your profile icon. Most of the time, it is present at the top right corner of the page. Once you find it click on the icon.
  • When you click on it, you will see a drop-down menu where you will find the “Help & Support” option.
  • Click on the option, and you will find another drop-down menu.
  • You will see the “Report a problem” option and a dialogue box on your screen.
  • The Dialogue box will say, “Give feedback to Facebook”.
  • There you will find two options; choose “Something went wrong.”
  • Another Dialogue box will appear with two options. Choose “Include in reports”.
  • Now select your area and provide information about the problem in detail. Give a screenshot and click on submit button.

From Mobile

Reporting a problem from the Mobile is relatively more straightforward. Once your app is open, and you have successfully logged in.

  • Open the menu option. You will find the three parallel lines at the top right corner.
  • Now tap on the “Help & Support” option, and you will find a drop-down menu.
  • The option will give you a new drop-down menu where you will find the “Report a Problem” option.
  • Now tap on it, and you will see the “Report Problem” option in blue.
  • Now you will find the “Where is the problem?” page.
  • From the options, tap on the “Profile” option.
  • Another page will appear- “What Happened?”.
  • In the text box, you will have information about your commenting issues.
  • Once you have provided all the information,upload a screenshot of your problem by clicking on the “CAMERA ROLL” option.
  • After providing the full description and the screenshot, tap on the “SEND” option.

Your steps for “how to get unblocked from commenting on Facebook” is done.

Generally, if the problem happens due to technical issues or wrong information, the Facebook support team will solve it within a few hours.

Now let’s understand why Facebook blocks people from commenting or doing other activities.

Why Facebook Confined Your Profile From Commenting?

Now there can be several reasons.

The first and most common reason is when someone blocks you from their account.

Again, if someone reports your account or Facebook somehow find your account as spam, then Facebook can stop your profiles or confine you to performing specific actions.

How Do You Know That Facebook Has Confined Your Profile?

You will find a dialogue box appears on your screen each time you try to comment on someone’s profile.

Whether you are commenting on a friend’s post, a group, or a page, the message will inform you about the issue.

Now when you see this, instantly take a screenshot of that message. It will help you later when you report the problem.

How to Avoid Facebook Blocking?

The Easiest method is not to violate Facebook laws.

Many people comment or post something unethical on Facebook, and Facebook does not permit them to do anything like that.

Again, this behavior often forces people to block you from commenting on their posts.

However, it is a social media platform, and people may use it to pursue their interests.

So, you cannot do anything to change their intentions and behavior.

In this situation, the best you can do is avoid them and report a problem if you are going through the same situation.

For How Long Will Facebook Block You?

Generally, if Facebook finds anything wrong or gets a report of misbehavior, then Facebook can block you for three days to 30 days.

But if a person, a group, or a page have stopped you from commenting on their posts, you will not be able to comment until they unblock you or change the setting.

Can The Process On the “Temporary Block” Problem?

No, the problem will not work if your account is temporarily blocked.

It mostly happens when someone reports your profile or there is some technical problem.

The issue will solve within three days, so wait until it removes automatically.

Final Words

Facebook is a social media, and the team has watched your activities from the beginning.

If you have not done something wrong or never involved yourself with something abusive, Facebook will not confine you.

But if Facebook gets three reports against your profile reportedly, then Facebook will take action against you.

But do not get afraid; if you are not involved with any abusive activity and Facebook still blocks you, then the “how to get unblocked from commenting on Facebook” guide will solve your problem.


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