Easy Ways How to Unlock the Warthog in Rocket League

how to unlock the warthog in rocket league

How to Unlock the Warthog in Rocket League

If you’re a fan of both Rocket League and Halo, unlocking the Warthog in Rocket League can be an exciting addition to your collection. To begin your journey towards obtaining this iconic vehicle, you’ll first need to find the Warthog blueprint. The blueprint acts as a recipe, providing you with the necessary steps to construct the Warthog in-game.

To locate the blueprint, you have a few options. You can try your luck by participating in online matches and hoping for it as a post-match drop. Another option is trading with other players who may already possess the blueprint or are willing to exchange it for items you have. Lastly, keep an eye out for special events or promotions where Psyonix may offer limited-time opportunities to acquire the Warthog blueprint.

Once you’ve obtained the Warthog blueprint, it’s time to gather all the required items needed for its construction. The blueprint will outline what specific items and resources are necessary for unlocking this unique vehicle. It could include various decals, wheels, paint finishes, boosts, or even different variations of rocket trails.

To collect these items efficiently, consider utilising trading platforms or communities dedicated to Rocket League item exchanges. Here, you can negotiate trades with other players who might have spare duplicates of required items or ones that they’re willing to part ways with in exchange for something else from your inventory.

Requirements for Unlocking the Warthog

So, you’re eager to know how to unlock the Warthog in Rocket League? Well, buckle up and let me guide you through the process. As a seasoned Rocket League player, I can assure you that obtaining this iconic vehicle is well worth the effort.

To start your journey towards unlocking the Warthog, there are a few requirements you need to meet. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection: First things first, make sure you have access to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on either Xbox One or PC. This is where your adventure begins as Rocket League has partnered with Halo to bring this legendary vehicle into the game.
  2. Play Online Matches: Once you have Halo: The Master Chief Collection installed and ready to go, head over to Rocket League and dive into some online matches. You’ll need to participate in matches and earn experience points (XP) to progress through the Rocket Pass tiers.
  3. Reach Tier 70 in the Seasonal Rocket Pass: To unlock the Warthog, you must climb your way up through the ranks of the Seasonal Rocket Pass and reach Tier 70. This means putting in some time and effort into playing matches, completing challenges, and earning XP.
  4. Purchase or Trade for Rumble Crate Items: Once you’ve reached Tier 70 of the Seasonal Rocket Pass, it’s time to acquire Rumble Crate items. These items can be obtained by purchasing them directly from other players or by trading with them using keys or other valuable in-game items.
  5. Get Lucky with Drops: Alternatively, if luck is on your side, you may receive Rumble Crate items as drops while playing online matches. Keep an eye out for these random drops as they could save you some precious credits.

By following these requirements diligently, honing your skills on the field of battle (or rather, Rocket League), and staying determined, you’ll soon find yourself behind the wheel of the highly sought-after Warthog.

Remember, unlocking the Warthog is not an easy feat, but the satisfaction of cruising around in this iconic vehicle makes it all worthwhile. So gear up, aim for Tier 70 in the Seasonal Rocket Pass, and get ready to show off your Halo-inspired ride on the Rocket League arena.


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