Easy Ways: How To Get Free Cars In Rocket League 2022

how to get free cars in rocket league 2022

As a seasoned gamer and Rocket League enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours mastering the art of scoring goals with rocket-powered cars. One of the things that keeps me hooked is the thrill of unlocking new and exciting cars. In 2022, getting free cars in Rocket League has become a hot topic in the gaming community.

How To Get Free Cars In Rocket League 2022

If the match is the game’s battlefield, rocket-propelled cars are your knights. Cars play a central role in Rocket League – they’re not just transportation. They are the main tool of every player, enabling boost, jumps, and trick shots that make the game a hit. More importantly, the car you choose can demonstrate your flair and personality in the game.

Moreover, unlocking premium and rare cars doesn’t always require a wad of cash. It’s possible – with a few tips and tricks that I’ll be sharing later – to own these awesome, well-crafted cars without touching your wallet.

Different Car Types and Variants

In Rocket League, cars aren’t one-size-fits-all. The game offers a variety of cars, each with its unique abilities. While some are great for powerful, high-speed shots, others offer better maneuverability, and some deliver a good balance of both.

Rocket League cars are divided into *five types: Dominus, Plank, Octane, Breakout, and Hybrid. Within these types, there are variants. Variants can be further customized with decals, wheels, boosts, and goal explosions – making your ride stand out in the crowd.

Factors Affecting Car Rarity and Value

Now here’s where understanding the Rocket League economy comes into play. Just as in the real world where a rare Bugatti Veyron is valued more than a Fiat Punto, some Rocket League cars are more sought after than others. Rarity, age, presence in meta play, aesthetic appeal and uniqueness are factors determining a car’s value in the Rocket League market.

Epic Games periodically rotates the items in the item shop which offers a mix of regular and premium cars. The rotation and rarity create a sense of scarcity, driving up the perceived value of certain cars.


Leveraging In-Game Methods to Acquire Free Cars

In the pursuit to understand “how to get free cars in Rocket League 2022,” one cannot overlook the in-game methods. These are practical ways that don’t require spending any money, but could require your time and skills. They are viable means that everyone can take advantage of.

Daily and Weekly Challenges

Gamers who are consistent know the value they get out of Daily and Weekly Challenges. Rocket League regularly updates with new challenges, and they’ve got a whole lot in stock for 2022.

By simply playing the game, you’re able to earn Rocket Pass points. I’ve found that the more active you are, the more points you’re likely to accumulate. The point progression system rewards you with items, including cars. It’s an engaging way to get free cars while enjoying the game.

Seasonal Events and Special Tournaments

If you’re looking for more opportunities, Seasonal Events and Special Tournaments should be on your radar. Rocket League usually organizes these events around specific times of the year. The exciting fact here is that these events always come with goodies, including new cars which you can grab absolutely free!

Keep an eye out for event-specific currencies, like “Snowflakes” or “Candy Corn” during respective winter or Halloween events. You can exchange them for unique items, sometimes even rare cars in the shop. It’s a wonderful chance to broaden your collection without breaking your wallet.

Trading and Trading Communities

While becoming an active member of the community, Trading and Trading Communities provide another avenue to get free cars. Trading with other players can get you the chance to acquire different cars, sometimes even the elusive ones.


I’ve walked you through the various ways you can snag free cars in Rocket League this year. From racking up Rocket Pass points with daily and weekly challenges to seizing opportunities in seasonal events and special tournaments, there’s a wealth of options at your fingertips. Don’t overlook the potential of trading with other players or joining trading communities either. It’s all about understanding and leveraging these methods to enhance your Rocket League gaming experience. Remember, the game isn’t just about scoring goals—it’s also about doing it in style with your dream car! So, get out there, earn those points, and start adding some cool new rides to your garage. Happy gaming!


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