Discover the Absolute Worst Cars in Rocket League – You Won’t Believe Their Flaws

worst cars in rocket league

Rocket League is a game that combines the thrill of soccer with the excitement of rocket-powered cars. As a seasoned player, I’ve had the opportunity to test out numerous vehicles in the game. While there are plenty of impressive cars to choose from, today I want to focus on the worst cars in Rocket League. These cars may not have the speed, agility, or handling of the top-tier vehicles, but they still have their own unique charm.

Why Car Choice is Important in Rocket League

How Different Cars Affect Gameplay

When it comes to Rocket League, car choice is not just about personal preference or aesthetics. The car you choose can greatly impact your performance and gameplay experience. Each car in Rocket League has its own unique attributes, including hitbox size, turning radius, speed, and handling. Understanding how these attributes affect gameplay is crucial in making the right car choice.

Hitbox size plays a significant role in aerial plays and defense. Cars with larger hitboxes, like the Merc, Grog, and Scarab, are generally better at blocking shots and making saves due to their larger surface area. However, this advantage comes at the cost of maneuverability, which can make it difficult to navigate and quickly adjust your position on the field.

Turning radius is another important factor to consider. Cars with a smaller turning radius, such as the Octane or Dominus, can make quick and sharp turns, allowing for better control and positioning during matches. On the other hand, cars with a larger turning radius, like the Octane ZSR or Breakout, may struggle in tight spaces and require more time and effort to change directions.

Speed and acceleration are crucial for maintaining momentum and quickly reaching the ball. Some cars, like the Dominus or Batmobile, are known for their excellent speed and acceleration, making them popular choices for players who rely on speed-based strategies. But keep in mind that top speed is not the only factor to consider. The overall balance between speed, acceleration, and handling is essential for optimizing your gameplay style and effectiveness on the field.

Worst Cars in Rocket League

In Rocket League, car choice is crucial as it greatly impacts gameplay. While there are many cars to choose from, not all of them are created equal. Some cars simply don’t perform as well as others and are often considered the worst options for players looking for speed and agility. Let’s take a closer look at these underperforming vehicles.

Breakdown of the Worst Performing Cars

  1. Merc: The Merc is often deemed one of the worst cars in Rocket League. It may have a large hitbox that can be useful for blocking shots, but it falls short in terms of speed and maneuverability. Its slow acceleration and difficult handling make it a challenging car to navigate on the field.
  2. Grog: The Grog’s unique design may catch your eye, but unfortunately, it lacks the speed and agility needed for competitive play. Its sluggish acceleration and limited turning radius make it less popular among skilled players who crave quick movements and precise control.
  3. Scarab: The Scarab’s rounded shape and unconventional handling make it a difficult car to master. Its peculiar hitbox often leads to awkward bounces and missed shots, causing frustration for many players. Despite its distinctive appearance, the Scarab tends to struggle when it comes to agility and overall performance.

Why These Cars Are Not Recommended

These cars are considered the worst in Rocket League for several reasons. Their lack of speed and maneuverability puts players at a disadvantage on the field, making it harder to control the ball, maintain momentum, and respond quickly to opponents. The larger hitboxes of the Merc, Grog, and Scarab may be useful for blocking shots, but they come at the expense of nimble movements and precise control.

Additionally, these cars have lower popularity among competitive players due to their subpar performance compared to other options available. The Rocket League community has extensively tested and analyzed different cars, resulting in certain vehicles emerging as top choices for those seeking optimal speed, agility, and control.

Remember, eventually, your personal preference and playstyle will influence your choice of car in Rocket League. Experiment with different cars, find the one that suits you best, and enjoy the diverse gameplay experience Rocket League has to offer.


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