Discover How Do You Get Blueprints in Rocket League

how do you get blueprints in rocket league

How Do You Get Blueprints in Rocket League

Getting blueprints in Rocket League is a crucial part of customizing your car and making it truly unique on the field. However, understanding how to obtain these blueprints can be a bit perplexing for players new to the game. In this article, I’ll walk you through the various ways you can acquire blueprints in Rocket League.

One way to get blueprints is by playing matches online. After completing a game, there’s a chance that you’ll receive a blueprint as a random drop. The more games you play, the higher your chances of obtaining one. So keep honing your skills and participating in matches to increase your odds of getting those coveted blueprints.

Another method of obtaining blueprints is through trading with other players. Rocket League has an active trading community where players can exchange items including blueprints. You can join online forums or platforms dedicated to Rocket League trading and connect with other players who may have the blueprints you desire. Just remember to trade responsibly and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the transaction.

Now that you know how to get blueprints in Rocket League, it’s time to dive into the world of customization and unleash your creativity on the field! Whether through match drops or trading, acquiring these blueprints will allow you to personalize your car and stand out from the competition. So get out there, collect those blueprints, and show off your unique style in every match!

How to Obtain Blueprints

If you’re wondering how to get blueprints in Rocket League, I’ve got you covered. In this section, I’ll walk you through the various ways you can obtain blueprints and unlock exciting new items for your collection.

  1. Play Matches: One of the simplest ways to acquire blueprints is by playing matches. As you participate in online games or offline seasons, there’s a chance that blueprints will drop as post-match rewards. Keep grinding those matches, and you might just stumble upon some valuable blueprints.
  2. Trade with Other Players: Rocket League has a vibrant trading community where players can exchange items, including blueprints. If there’s a specific blueprint you’re after or if you have duplicates that you want to trade away, consider exploring the trading marketplaces within the game. Connect with other players and negotiate fair trades to expand your blueprint inventory.
  3. Blueprint Conversion: Another option available to obtain blueprints is through the conversion system introduced in an update. By converting unwanted items into credits, which act as an in-game currency, you can then use these credits to purchase specific blueprints from the item shop. It’s a handy way to turn unwanted items into something more desirable.
  4. Season Rewards: Rocket League often introduces seasonal events with unique rewards for dedicated players who complete challenges or reach certain milestones during that season. These rewards may include exclusive blueprints along with other cosmetics like decals or wheels. Stay engaged with the game and strive for these seasonal objectives to earn those limited edition blueprints.
  5. Blueprint Trade-Ups: Lastly, don’t overlook the possibility of trading up your existing blueprints for higher rarity ones! By combining five same-rarity blueprints together using trade-ups feature, there’s a chance of receiving a blueprint of higher rarity tier in return.

Remember that obtaining specific blueprints is largely based on luck and persistence rather than any guaranteed method. So keep enjoying the game, explore different avenues to acquire blueprints, and enhance your Rocket League experience with unique items.


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