A Demographic Study on IOS users Based on Age

Most people are aware of the popularity that the IOS holds. Due to this, the number of users of iPhone is more than that of Android users. Apple always tries to bring something new into its product, whether it’s an iPhone o, iPad, or MacBook. Every year there is an update in the software, which interests many people to try something new.

Although other companies, including Samsung, and Vivo, update their software quite frequently, Apple’s popularity is still unmatched. Furthermore, the iPhone has yet to be advertised everywhere in the world. But over 173 countries have a distribution of Apple. That means Apple is available in 173 countries. Many demographic factors define the number of iPhone users. In this article, we will look forward to the Age demographics of iPhone users.

How many people use iPhones?

Countries having the largest sales of iPhones include Norway, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, South America, Finland, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, India, New Zealand, and Australia. In terms of numbers, almost 1.65 Billion people are using Apple devices based on the currently active data. Some people have more than one IOS device, and some are replacing their devices with new models. Therefore, the ratio is not 1:1. It keeps on changing.

Also, this rate does not include the devices disconnected from WIFI or any other Internet source. However, it gives a clear idea about the sale of iPhones and how many people buy them. But this was only about the particular ratio, which included all the age groups. So, let’s explore the age demographics of iPhone users.

What exactly is the age demography of Apple?

The demography depends on the type of device the person holds. Mostly young people between the age of 16use apple products more than any other age group. However, it has been seen that over the years, people aged 55 to 70are also using iPhones at a very high rate. This shows the popularity of Apple among all the generations.

According to the statistics in America, people in the age group of 16 – 25 use the most iPhones. Moreover, other products of Apple, including the MacBook, is popular in the age group of 24 to 35. As MacBook is mostly utilized for work purposes. In terms of percentage, it has been defined that almost 75% of users are older than 35. It indicates that people in business and mostly tech people use iPhones.

Distribution of iPhone on various factors

It has been estimated that over 1.65 billion people are using apple devices worldwide. It includes the population of all age groups and gender. This includes the iPhone and other devices such as MacBook, iPad, and Apple watches. All these products are included in the total percentage of iPhone users.

iPhone holds more sales than other Apple devices: If we look at the specific product, one billion people purchase iPhones. That means among all the Apple product iPhone is the most sold product of Apple. It accounts for 65% of total Apple product purchases. Rest 35% includes other apple products like iPad, MacBooks, and smartwatches. This indicates that the majority of people use iPhone than other products. As per the estimate apple, incredible has sold around 2 billion iOS devices. However, only half of the devices are active now, which means the rate of the user is decreasing. Because people are upgrading, they are found and replacing them with new phones.

Apple VS other smartphones: We have seen that the number of iPhone users is more than the other Apple devices. But if we compare it with the other companies which make Android devices. Then Apple is the second most-sold smartphone in the entire world. Apple has its processor, which makes it unique. However, the number of Android users is still more than that of Apple users. But Apple is an individual company, whereas the other Android companies include many companies. This indicates that Apple is the sole warrior. The iOS user percentage is around 26.99%.

In comparison, almost 75% of people worldwide are using Android devices. The main reason for this is that the operating system of Android can be used or installed on different types of smartphones. While iOS is only for iPhone or Apple products.

Several iPhone users based on gender: If we look at the distribution of iPhones, it is 50-50. That means both woman and men uses iPhone at the same rate. As per Apple’s demography turn in 2019, about 51% of iOS users are women. On the other hand, only 47% of males use iPhones. This indicates that the distribution of iPhones is almost the same in men & women. Suppose we look at the percentage of users in the USA. Then almost 58% of female uses iPhone. In comparison, 40% of male uses iPhone.

Android vs. iOS: Differences in Demographics

The biggest battle is between Android users and iOS users. However, it has already been declared that the number of Android users is more than that of iOS users. This is because many developing countries use Android devices due to lower income and economy. At the same time, iOS devices are afforded by people with a high income, such as in the USA. However, it doesn’t mean that only rich people can afford the IOS. This is a simple indication of the general population of Android and iOS users. The iOS users are mostly female, whereas men prefer Android devices more. If we talk about age, then as per the age, most people prefer to use iOS devices, especially in the age group of 45 to 60.

Who buys most iPhones?

In terms of countries, Japan is in the first position regarding users of iPhones. It earns almost 75%of the total market share of the iPhone, leaving behind the USA. Earlier USA was the biggest state having more number of Android users.

Target market as per Age for iPhone

Now, as we know, the age group of 18 to 34 holds the highest number of iPhone users. So the iPhone’s main target audience in demography is the age of 18 to 34. But not only that, even older people use iPhone devices much more.

Age demography of iPhone users

As per the studies, it has been observed that people in the age range of 18 to 34 mostly utilize Apple products, mainly the iPhone. Whereas people who are in the age group of 34 to 44 account for 21% of iPhone users. Surprisingly people who are old between 45 to 65 account for 14% of total iPhone users. Thus, from this study, it is quite evident that people of young age mostly utilize the iPhone more than the other age group. Apart from this, the highest amount of iPhone users is in developed countries, including the U.S.A. In the U.S.A., people between the age of 25 to 34 prefer using iPhones more than others. This is the result of the huge popularity of Apple among different people.

Age Demographics Graph of iPhone users
Age Demographics Graph of iPhone users

Distribution of different Apple Products as per Age

It is quite evident that people of middle age between 45 to 65 prefer using Apple devices. This is especially in countries like the USA. It is important to look at which population is using which product more.

·       Apple Watch

Starting with the Apple Watch. Apple’s smartwatch series consists of 8 different models. But the main market share of apple watches is in the USA. And most people use Apple Watch only in the USA, which accounts for 35%.People between the age of 35 to 44 prefer using Apple smartwatches over the other age group. Worldwide, Apple has distributed over 105 million smartwatches. The company only sold about 10 Million watches when it was first released. But with the introduction of series 5, the growth of Apple smartwatches increased significantly.

·       iPad

The use of iPad is seen mostly in the age of 18 to 24 and people aged 35 to 44. This is because the iPad is mostly utilized for work purposes. So only students and office going people use it for work purpose. As per the estimation, apple sold around 70 Million iPads in the previous year.

·       MacBook

If we talk about the desktop and laptop, then MacBook Air is one of the favorite products of most Apple users. People aged 25 to 34 prefer using MacBooks more than the other age group. This age group included people who work and have businesses.

The Takeaway

Despite being the most sold device, Android smartphones can have fewer users than iPhones. This is because iPhone has its own processor. Different factors affect the rate of iPhone users. But if we look at the age, then people of age 18 to 34 prefer using iPhones more than the other age group. Surprisingly it was even seen that the number of iPhone users is also more in the age group of 45 to 60. Indicating that older people also love to use iPhones. Well, whatever the case, the iPhone is one of this era’s greatest inventions.


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