A Comprehensive Guide to TradingView Automated Trading


TradingView automated trading is a technology-driven system that automates the trading of assets using predefined rules and algorithms. This can save traders time and money and reduce emotions while optimizing their trading outcomes. The article from Finestel Academy provides a comprehensive guide to Tradingview automated trading, including its capabilities and benefits.

How to Automate a Strategy in TradingView

To create an automatic trading bot in TradingView, users first need to choose or create a watchlist of the cryptocurrencies they want to trade. Once they have their list, they can then create a trading strategy by defining the rules for when the bot will buy and sell cryptos. They can then backtest their strategy to see how it would have performed in the past. Once the strategy has been thoroughly tested, it can be deployed to a third-party automation service.

Once a trading bot has been created in TradingView, the user can set alerts to notify them when certain conditions are met. These alerts can be sent through email, SMS, or phone notifications and can be used to inform traders of market trends, potential opportunities, and any other important news. These alerts can help traders stay informed and take appropriate action when the time comes, leading to improved trading results.


Traders can also use APIBridge to connect TradingView and a third-party trading automation platform. The process is relatively easy and only requires the user to create a trading bot, add a trading script to the robot, and then connect it with their APIBridge account. Once the connections are made, the bot can automatically execute trading orders based on the signals provided by the TradingView alerts.

How to Set Up a TradingView Auto-Trading Bot

The best way to set up a tradingview automated trading bot is to use a trading script that will allow it to communicate with the trading platform via webhooks. This will give the robot access to the necessary data it needs to place trading orders, including the price of an asset and its volume. Traders can also configure the bot to execute specific functions, such as adding to a position at a dynamic support level or increasing a position when a candle touches a certain resistance level.

TradingView is a popular platform for traders of all skill levels, and it offers numerous features to help them improve their trading outcomes. In addition to its charting and analysis tools, it also allows users to create custom trading strategies and backtest them before deploying them in a live environment. Those who are interested in learning how to automate their trading should consider taking advantage of a free plan on TradingView or WunderTrading to get started.


Once they have successfully connected their exchange accounts, they should start by giving each bot a small percentage of their overall portfolio to test its performance. After that, they can gradually increase the amount of their portfolio that each bot can use. They should also monitor each bot’s performance and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it is functioning properly.


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