80s Mens Hair: The Ultimate Guide To Retro Hairstyles For Men

80s mens hair

80s Mens Hair

Ah, the 80s – a decade known for its bold fashion choices and unique hairstyles. When it comes to men’s hair during that time period, it was all about embracing volume, texture, and flamboyance. From mullets to perms, the 80s offered a wide range of trendy options for men looking to make a statement with their locks.

One iconic hairstyle that dominated the 80s was the mullet. This distinctive cut featured short hair on the front and sides, while leaving longer strands at the back. It was often accompanied by layers and feathered ends for extra flair. The mullet became synonymous with rockstars and athletes of the era, such as Billy Ray Cyrus and Andre Agassi.

Another popular trend in 80s men’s hair was perming. Men would undergo chemical treatments to achieve curly or wavy locks that added volume and personality to their overall look. Permed hair was often styled with gel or mousse to create a tousled effect that exuded confidence and individuality.

Whether you rocked a mullet or embraced permed curls, 80s men’s hair was all about self-expression and pushing boundaries. It was an era where experimentation reigned supreme, allowing individuals to embrace their personal style without hesitation. So if you’re feeling nostalgic or simply want to channel some retro vibes, why not give an 80s-inspired hairstyle a try?

The Rise of 80s Men’s Hair

The 1980s was a decade known for its bold fashion statements and iconic hairstyles, and men’s hair was no exception. In this section, we’ll explore the rise of 80s men’s hair and how it became a defining trend of the era.

1. New Wave Influence

One significant influence on 80s men’s hair was the New Wave music movement. Artists like David Bowie and Duran Duran sported flamboyant hairstyles that pushed boundaries and embraced individuality. This sparked a wave of experimentation among young men who sought to express their unique style through their hair.

2. The Mullet Madness

Perhaps one of the most recognizable hairstyles from the 80s is the infamous mullet. Defined by its short front and sides with long, flowing locks in the back, the mullet captured the essence of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. It became a symbol of nonconformity and attitude, adopted by both musicians and everyday individuals alike.

3. Big Hair, Don’t Care

While women were famous for their voluminous hairstyles in the 80s, men also embraced big hair trends with gusto. Achieving height and volume was key, whether it involved using copious amounts of hairspray or teasing techniques to create gravity-defying styles. From pompadours to quiffs to spiky punk-inspired looks, bigger was definitely better when it came to 80s men’s hair.

4. Perms Galore

Perms weren’t just for women during this era – they were also popular among men seeking curly or wavy locks. Permed hairstyles provided texture and added flair to any look, giving men an opportunity to experiment with different shapes and forms in their hairdos.

5. Celebrity Influence

Celebrities played a significant role in popularizing certain hairstyles during the 80s. From Tom Cruise’s slicked-back Top Gun look to Michael Jackson’s iconic Jheri curl, men looked to their favorite stars for inspiration and eagerly emulated their hairstyles. The influence of celebrities helped spread the popularity of specific hair trends and solidify their place in 80s fashion history.

6. Embracing Individuality

The 80s was a time of self-expression, and men’s hair became a canvas for showcasing individuality. From vibrant colors to asymmetrical cuts to eccentric accessories like headbands and bandanas, men had the freedom to experiment with their appearance like never before. This era encouraged embracing personal style without fear of judgment or conformity.

In conclusion, the rise of 80s men’s hair can be attributed to various factors such as New Wave music, the popularity of mullets, the love for big hair, the adoption of perms, celebrity influence, and a desire for individuality. These trends not only reflected the spirit of the decade but also allowed men to make bold statements through their hairstyles. The legacy of 80s men’s hair continues to inspire modern trends today.


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